Trailer brakes?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Crhservices10, Apr 15, 2007.

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    I have a 6x10 carry on trailer. It doesnt have brakes should I have them installed. Do not carry heavy loads just mower etc etc. Im pulling it with a 98 F-150 4x4. i will be getting a 6x12 open trailer soon should I have brakes installed. Do some trailers 6x12 open come with brakes? Can they work through the electrical wiring connection. Give me some input will pulling loads with no brakes on trailer ruin my truck brakes??
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    while it won'r ruin your truck's brakes, it will shorten their life. also it increases stoping distance. if you're getting a new trailer soon, then have them installed at the dealer. it will require a 7 pin wiring harness and brake controller in your truck, which are fairly easy to install.
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    it will put more wear and tear on your brakes they wont last as long. i think carry on only puts brakes on their tandem axles. but if it was me, and i was getting a 6X12 id get brakes installed. i have my 6X14 for sale if your interested. it's a Carry-On 6X14 Tandem Axle. 3500lb axles. flooring is in good shape. im going to p/w the wood and put protector on them. trailer has all new lights.

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