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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doogiegh, Apr 25, 2002.

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    I just picked up a used trailer.

    I know it has brakes. I do not know if they are hydralic or electric.

    If they are electric, I suppose a wire would come out of the brake housing somewhere by the wheel. Where does that wire get plugged into?

    I have a newer Dodge ram, so it comes with a 7-pin plug-in wiring harness. I currently use a 7 wire to 4 wire converter cause my little 4 foot by 8 foot trailer has the 4 wires (plug looks like a traffic light, with 1 extra pin sticking out).

    For this larger 16 foot trailer, how do I wire it up to get into a 7 pin plug?

    Do electric brakes get spliced right into the brake light circuit, so if the brake lights go on, the brakes get activated as well?

    How do I see if the brakes are good on the trailer?
    Pull off each wheel, one by one?

    Thanks for any help, I just want to be safe!

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    You will have to get a brake box installed onto your truck. Then find the two wires that go to the brakes on your trailer. One hot other is cold. Then wire your plug(s) for that. Test the plug coming from the truck to find out which posts are for the brakes. Then determine which of the two, are hot and cold. Then wire the plug for the trailer accordingly.
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    If you have hydraulic brakes ("surge brakes") there will be a brake fluid resevoir in the tongue of the trailer. Also a linkage conected to small chain; this part of the brake system in case of a break away.
    Check the resevoir, if empty of brake fluid the system will need an overhaul.
    If fluid is low add fluid. Raise all tires off the ground, engage the break away mechanism, none of the tires should rotate. If tire will rotate then brakes will need to adjusted.
    Also it would not be a bad idea to visual inspect the brake shoes and repack the wheel bearings.

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