Trailer Brakes?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by RedWingsDet, Feb 8, 2005.

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    Three Questions...

    1.) If I buy a trailer with only one set of brakes. and I want to make the other axle have brakes. Is this all I need?

    2.) How hard is it to wire to correspond with the other axle that has brakes?

    3.) If I buy a trailer with no brakes on the axles... Can I buy to sets of the brakes in the link above? And how hard are they to wire up?

    4.) Do you have to have a battery and break away switch in-order for brakes to work when hooked up via 7-pin. I know your must have a break away switch in Mi, im just wondering. And how much are they...

    Dang that was 4... Sorry for the questions guys. Im not all that fimuliar with trailers, so im trying to see what I can do. Reason being, im thinking about just buying 2 16footers from a local guy who only used them for 2 years. They are in good shape and all they need is some paint. But one of em only has brakes on one axel, and the other has none. IMO brakes are a MUST.

    Again, sorry if these questions are not the brightest, just trying to gain some more info. Thanks!
  2. MP350

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    Question #1 will also need a brake drum. #2 Just match the two wires (color) and connect. #3 need two brake kits again match two (color) wires and connect. #4 the battery and works the breakaway switch if the trailer come unhooked. The kits hook up in about an hour each and should cost about $300 bucks for everything you need.
  3. D Felix

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    One other caveat to the backing plates (what the assembly you linked to is called, around here at least)- make sure they will bolt to your axles. There's a chance they may not.

    You'd be better off taking the trailer(s) to a local trailer/RV shop and have them look at the trailer and tell you what you need. Buy the parts from them, that way if they don't work, you can always take them back and have someone to b*tch to!:)

    The backing plates are fairly idiot proof. Remember, it's DC wire, when there's only two wires, it's hard to screw it up.:) Just make sure you have good connections and you should be fine.

    Oh, one more thing- the ground pin on the male (trailer) plug needs to be grounded to the frame of the trailer, as does the breakaway battery. Obviously, if it's not, it could cause some problems with the lights later.


  4. Outdoor Services

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    So what did you end up doing? I have the similar thing. I bought a tandem axel trailer for cheep from a guy in Port Huron, and both axels need brakes. J&J Trailers in New Haven said if the trailer has the flanges to bolt the backing plates on, it would be parts and labor complete with breakaway kit. $500.00 bucks.
  5. RedWingsDet

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    I ended up selling it and not pickering around with it.

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