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    Tires will wear out faster with tandems. The back axle has to "slide" to make turns which is what causes the tires to wear out much quicker. But it's usually a set every 2 years, so that's not a lot of money. Just make sure you buy radials and not those bi ply that come on them. The bi ply will wear out in under a year.

    I would look at kaufman trailers.

    They make great quality trailers especially for the money. Lots of options for a low price.
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    I went with a 16' Doolittle, it's a great trailer... So far.
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    If you plan on using it every day plan on replacing the tires every year. I have had my tandem for two years, and need to replace all four But I only use the trailer two days a week during mowing season.
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    I have bi ply on mine and looking at changing to radials this week.
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    Not sure how these will perform or if they're your size but I couldn't resist the bargain so I ordered up two for myself:

    Which, that's another thing, always pay attention to the tire's Load Range.
    Keep in mind with Load Range letters the A rating is the lowest load range and it goes UP the scale while going DOWN the alphabet so a B tire is heavier duty than an A and the C is even tougher than the B and so on... Mine are generally C for a single axle, not sure what with two axles thou.
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