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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mulligant, May 2, 2007.

  1. mulligant

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    I'm looking for a little advice on a new trailer I'm about to purchase. I will be purchasing directly from a large manufacturer in my area. I will be hauling a 60" Hustler Super Z and I have the choice between a 6 ft wide and a 6.5 ft wide trailer. The manufacturere acutally has his jig set up for 6.5ft so if I want a 6 ft wide trailer he will charge $100 more to custom build it without a jig. My question is if I get a 6 ft wide trailer will I be bumping my mower into the trailer all the time when loading and unloading with only about 5 inches on each side of the deck? Also, if I chose the 6.5 ft wide trailer would it be very much harder than the 6 ft to pull on narrow roads? And the 6.5 will stick out a little farther into the driveway where I park it, which could be a concern. I plan to choose a 12 ft length in order to get a side gate to make unloading my push mower seperate from the rider. Could anyone elaborate on which width I should choose and why.
  2. tacoma200

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    You will have no problem with the 6 ft trailer and the 60" Hustler. I've been using a 6 ft trailer for years with 60" mowers. On the other hand if you ever plan on getting a 72" then then the extra with is a must. I personally like a little wider trailer but I'm in the minority. The 6' is by far the most popular. That extra space could also help you with extra equipment you may have in the future but like I said most will opt for the 6 x 12.
  3. mulligant

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    So Tacoma in your opinion would it be worth the extra $100 to have the 6ft trailer custom made. It will also make it take about to weeks to be built, where as the manufacturer keeps 6.5 footers on hand that can be ready in about two days and are cheaper. Also, I do not plan to go to a 72" deck any time soon. I'm very happy with my 60".
  4. David Gretzmier

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    pay more for less trailer space? HUH ? I used to run an 18 foot x 6 foot 10 inch deck, non-gooseneck ,probably the widest you can get without going flatbed over the tires route. never regretted it. If your business continues to grow, you will continue to add stuff to your trailer that makes you more $$$ per day. If I were buying a trailer today, the Minimum starting point would be 16 foot by 6 foot 10 wide,tandem w/5000lb axle's. you can park your 21 inch push BESIDE the 60" deck. Plan for growth. don't buy the minimum you need for now.
  5. tacoma200

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    No, I'm just saying most people opt for the 6 ft model but they are usually cheaper. I like the wider trailer, you never have enough room for all your supply's. So I'm for the 6.5 ft model. Most places price the larger trailer higher. Go with the larger one unless as you said earlier it may get in your way. It might pay to shop around, why just one dealer? Like I said I was just stating that the 6x12 is more popular than the 6.5x12. I wouldn't pay extra.
  6. mulligant

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    Well I've already shoped around and I found that buying directly from the manufacturer, which is who I have been referring, to is cheaper than any dealer in the area even if I do pay the $100 custom 6 ft charge. Also, David I don't know if tandem would fit my needs for a few reasons. I will not be hauling enough weight now and really forseeable in the future to need a tandem. Plus I don't have room to park anything bigger than a 6 x 12. In addition I will be towing with a GMC Jimmy rated at 5,900 lbs towing capicity, and I think a full size vehicle would be more in order for a tandem. However, I do thank you for your imput of the ideas and welcome more.
  7. rodfather

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    No matter how big you buy you will fill it before you know it. Buy the biggest you can afford IMO.
  8. dave k

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    I agree with Rodfather, Go big young man, go big! I have a Homesteader Hercules enclosed trailer and I wish I had gone with the 7 foot wide, but you live and learn, the smaller one works but for larger equip. I would go wider.
    BTW< Homesteader is made in TN. Is that your choice?
  9. The Captain

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    The differance of .5' (6") in width is only 3" per side. Shouldn't be a problem on the road or driveway. Weight differance should not be that significant. As has been said, get the biggest you can afford. You will use it.
  10. mulligant

    mulligant LawnSite Member
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    No my choice is actually the Hurst trailer which uses some of the same steel suppliers as homestead. Hurst only builds open trailers which I am interested in.

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