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When i ordered my truck i got the trailering package and it came with the wires for the trailer.But i herd that you should put something on it for the computer so it won't mess up your truck and also what is the best overall conection to install for a variety of different trailers?


It's funny how much is taken by "I heard" and "something". And some of the rumors totally defy logic. When I got my 89 I was told (by a local expert)that even adding extra lights would mess up the computer. So I asked the genuis telling me that "SO, what happens when you hook up a trailer?" Or the tire genuis who was adamant that changing one tire size would mess everything up from the speedometer to the fuel injection.

Just what is this "something" that has to be in there? On the new ones you would need a convertor to change from seperate turn signal to combined brake/turn. Other than that I'd want some hard information instead of rumor.

If you're going to have brakes, go with a six hole or seven blade. Adapters are readily available to conver either of those to the 4 wire flat that is on most small trailers. I went 7 wire on mine, that way I get backup lights on the trailer and a charge leg for camper battery or break away kit.

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