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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mowisme, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. mowisme

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    I have a 12ft single axle (3500#) trailer made by company called American I believe. I love the trailer and everything looks and works good..but..The 4" angle frame does make it bit 'over kill' I think? Electric brakes are great condition and the ramp is big and tall and heavy. Do you think maybe I should locally post in the CL 'barter' section for simular trailer only bit less heavy? or am I worring about the weight factor too much? Just seems most trailers are 3" where mine was built HD with 4". This is factory made. I really can't see a advantage to the heavier frame? Just wondering what your thoughts are..and is it worth trading and taking a chance on someones else just for bit better gas miliage. I'm sure I'd get offers..but most would be camper or snowmobile trailers wich definately I wouldn't trade for. Geno
  2. mowerbrad

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    I think you should keep it. You are worrying about absolutely nothing. To me, having something that is built HD is better. If you get a different trailer that is built lighter (ie, not as heavy duty), chances are it won't stand up to abuse as well as your current one. And for a small single axle trailer like yours, I wouldn't worry about it being too heavy as to cause significant milage problems. Just keep it and don't worry about it.
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    i have a 12ft single axle tex-mex brand trailer that weighs just over 1700lbs i believe great trailer for heavy loads but if your pulling it empty trust me youll wish you had the 3500lbs beast of a trailer back
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    Add a lift gate helper and keep the trailer.....lighter trailers dont hold up as 2 cents on it
  5. tomo

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    i am suffering the simmilar issue
    I will explain
    single axle larger size 12 ft etc
    The design although good it needs to be that way for a single axle
    single axle donot tolerate uneven loading at all
    not only does it add or take away hitch weight ,the trailer handles poorly
    rocking of trailer results see,saw motion

    The single axle supports the trailer in only a small area
    eg length of leaf spring
    go to dual axle the area of support doubles
    This support is the key
    The more overhang of the main chassis past the leaf spring area the stonger the steel has to be to support the weight . This is why a dual axle is better in this area any way if comparing the same lenght trailer
    For the same lenght of trailer slightly smaller steel could be used for a dual
    The see saw motion of a single also places stess on A frame compared to a dual

  6. mowisme

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    Thanks folks..Guess I'll keep. Good input that makes good sense. Geno

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