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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by TSpeciaLized, Mar 28, 2005.

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    I have a 6 1/2 foot by 12 foot open top trailer w/ 4 foot sides all the way around. I was thinking about keeping my equipment in it during the spring and summer mths. So i need a cover of some sort, but i need something that will hold up to the Nevada WIND, rain and sometime snow possible in May!
    Are there any company's that make durable covers that are pre fit or made for the spec.s of my trailer size. I thought about tarps, but they wouldn't hold to the wind. I need something like a canvas boat cover!! ANY HELP???
  2. nt1

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    Don't know how helpful this is but what about buying a prefab carport. I've seen some that have kits you put together with aluminum poles and a fabric covering.
  3. nt1

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    Sorry, just reread your post

    That probably would not work in snowing conditions.
  4. DeWitt Lawncare

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    Here in Michigan there are several companies that make boat covers. They basically will make anything out of canvas. I was thinking of this the other day, but Nobagger has made similar suggestions...

    If you've ever seen a "junk haulin truck", a lot of them have covers that can be unrolled over the box of their truck to hold the junk and debris inside. That kind of system is simple enough to build yourself. On the tongue side of the trailer, mount a cross-rod that can be cranked. Have the canvas company make you a cover that is 7 X 12. They will put snaps on the canvas for you. You can mount the female ends of the snaps along the outside walls of the trailer when you get the cover made. All you have to do is pull the tarp over and snap it down. Then undo the snaps and crank the tarp back when you're unloading.

    I'll be doing that to my trailer also. I've got a 6 X 12 with 4 ft. sides as well. I'm getting a 14 ft open that I'll have to put sides on, but I plan on building that system for the 14 footer.

    Hope that helps.

  5. TSpeciaLized

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    Thanks for the tips... lots of help!!
  6. nobagger

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    TS I have an open trailer and am working on a new cover for it, check out the thread "open trailer owners..." my idea my help you. :waving:

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