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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by fga, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. fga

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    i'm getting a head of myself here for the spring, but was wondering. i'm looking for an enclosed 6 x 10 trailer. this would be my first ever trailer. i've been looking, and there are so many options.
    squared off vs. round top
    barn doors, ramp door, one swing door..
    there are places everywhere that sell them and the cost varies as much as the options.

    Home Depot here hss a nice stock of trailers. but do you think there is a quality difference? they had a nice white 6 x 10 with barn doors and side door for about 2200 if i remember right.
    any advice on my search criteria. cost is an issue, so lets be real.
  2. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I have been doing alot of looking also Adam, in my area a 6x12 Wells cargo is about $2300. A big selling point for me on the Wells Cargo is a 3 year Warranty. I looked at them at the GIE in November and they are really made nice.Another trailer Manufacture is offering a good finance deal right now 360 days same as cash and 0 intrest. I cant remember who that is I have looked at so many.
    Soon as I posted I found that Haulmark is the trailer Man that has the 360 days and 0 intrest, must take delivery by dec 31
  3. riches139

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    You'll want at least one ramp door.
    You'll regret it if you don't.
  4. fga

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    my only dilemma with the ramp is, my driveway is about 15 - 20' long. now i have the trailer in the driveway, then add the tongue length. i wonder if i would be able to open the ramp to get equipment out without moving the trailer. i have alot of accounts right on my block, which i can work a whole day without starting my truck. i guess its not a big deal to move it up a few feet.

    generally, what is the length of an open trailer door? 5, 6, 7, feet? say on a 6 x 10 trailer?
  5. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I am guessing here but most advertise a 6 foot interior so the door would have to be close to 6 feet minus the header bar in the back. I would guess maybe 5 foot 8 inches

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