Trailer Dump Box Insert


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I was thinking the other day that they make dump trailers and they make E-Z Dumpers for pickups, but I have never seen a dump bed insert for a trailer. I Have a 6'6&quot;x12' 6000 LB axle trailer with an equipment box mounted about 3' above the bed in the front. I use this trailer for cleanups and well as mowing and keep trimmers, blowers, hedge trimmers, hand tools, etc. in the front box. A 6'x10' hydraulic dump box that could slide in and out would be great.(Note: My drop gate is very easy to remove.) <p>Do you guys think this idea would fly to make our trailers more veratile? How much would it be worth to you?<p><br>Thanks,<br>Bill


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I thought the same way but when you start adding it up it gets to be complicated.<br>If you put the dump insert in the front of the trailer you are potentially going to put excessive tounge weight on the trailer and hitch. The dump box already has weight to it so you are really limited in what you load. <br>Also the weight distribution over the axles would be a difficult thing to control possibly causing handling problems.<br>I added a front gate to my trailer that falls into the bed of my pickup and if I have lots of clippings, leafs, or thatch I dump into the bed. Good Luck.

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