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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mulchmonkey2000, Nov 18, 2002.

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    Hey guys, I did a search but turned up with no results. I have an enclosed trailer with fiberglass fenders on them. I had a tire blow out and broke the fender on one side and the other side was cracked pretty good when i bought the trailer. I can't find a replacement fender anywhere for this trailer. Looked on the company's website and couldn't find anything. The trouble is that it isn't a full width fender due to the fact that half the width of the tire is inside the trailer and the other half sticks out. So rather than having a 9" fender, i have a 4-5" fender. The fender measures 66" with a 9" teardrop. From the top of the fender to the bottom it measures about 20". is a Interstate-1 (8x20) enclosed trailer. I tried notherntools and all the local trailer and camper dealers with no results. Can anyone help me??? Thanks in advance!!:dizzy:
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    Is it possible to go back too where you bought the trailer and see if they can help you? If that doesnt work could you maybe make one yourself? Just some ideas, hope they help.
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    Mulch- Have you tried a welding shop? If they can't find them, maybe they can fabricate something for you. I park behind a welding shop and it always amazes me what they can build. Good luck, Mike
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    Hey guys, thanks for the reply's. I thought about having them made and maybe that's what i'll have to do. Just thought that if them made them to begin with, someone out there should be selling them right? Guess not. I bought the trailer used about 2 yrs ago from a private seller. I dunno of any dealers in the area and a websearch came up with dealers on the west coast only. Guess i'll have to have them made. :mad:
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