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Trailer for 72" ZTR??


LawnSite Senior Member
Hey guys,

What size/type of trailers do you use to haul your 72" Z's around? I've got 2 72" Z's now, and my trailer is a VERY tight squeeze getting both on there. It's not wide enough, and we all know how easy a Z is to back up and keep it perfectly straight the whole way. :cry:

Metro Lawn

LawnSite Silver Member
Those mowers are only 6' wide. I could turn them around inside my trailers. All are 8' or 8.5'.


LawnSite Member
We haul 2 Kubota ZD28's on our 80"x16'. We can haul one on the 77" wide trailer but when you take it off the trailer you hit the side until the front wheels have turned around 180 degrees.