Trailer for Deere 160 behind a tri axle dump.

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    I finally bought a tri axle and have started looking at trailers and have realized that a 20 ton trailer capacity is at 35,500-36k depending upon weight of the trailer . My 160clc in the specs has it at 35,650 with a 36" bucket, I have 44" so conservatly I am about 36k in weight, I guess I could drop the bucket in the truck to be legal, 25 ton seems overkill. what is everyone else running? I am not trucking all over and most of the time will be in tight areas so 20' deck is great. I will mostly be moving my skid and mini at the same time but want the option to tow my 160 as well. Long distances I will use a low bed.
  2. earthmover

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    I know Eager Beavers 20 ton trailer has a capacity of 20 tons with a GVW of around 48,000 so that should work for you. I personally would get a 25 ton you would notice a big difference with the added axle and brakes with the 160 back there! Plus I'm not a big fan of maxing something out all the time. If you consider a 25 ton try and find on with a air lift axle it will save some wear and tear when you don't need it.

    We need to see pics of the new truck!
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  3. P.Services

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    I agree with this 100%. Just get a front airlift and your all set, pulls like a tandem when you don't need it but you don't have to worry about capacity when you do need it. For the small price difference it's not worth the debate.
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  4. Dirtman2007

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    Id Get the 25 ton. We just bought a new 25 ton Hudson tri axle tag trailer. the 3rd axle is air lift. the 160 Volvo weighed in at 38k so the 20 ton kaufman we have is out of the question. it should be built buy the end of the week ill post pics when we get it.
  5. ARP

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    X2 on the 25 ton Eager beaver with airlift axle. Before we bought our current setup we took a long hard look at where we were business wise and where we wanted to go. Though we went with the lowbed and dump trailer setup to allow for future growth, I was almost dead set on getting a triaxle and triaxle tag trailer. I looked at many different brands, and the Eager Beaver kept coming out on top IMO for price and quality in that type of trailer.
  6. Barge Man

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    I would have to agree with the others. I haul our 315 with hyd. Thumb cuppler, bucket, behind our tri axle dump and roll across the scales at 79,500. I have used a eager beaver 25 ton with a non lift axle for the last 6 years and it works great. I just purchased a felling air tilt and it is also a very well built trailer and not to much more than a new eager beaver. I would recommend both!
  7. jmacd

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    20 ton eager beaver is what we have here is a photo. I haul our 160 size excavator on it all the time.

    DSCN0460 (Medium).jpg

    DSCN0460 (Medium).jpg
  8. mrusk

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    I was under the impression it was ok to haul a 160 on a 20 ton trailer since part of the weight ends up on the truck with the tounge weight?

  9. AEL

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    We have a 20 tonne tandem that we tow behind tri axle roll off. Manufactured by Jc trailers . They are from Ontario and by far make the best product around here. Move the 135 hitachi on it all the time without a problem.

    Have been pondering getting a 30 tonne for about a year now , when we do it will be made by Jc trailers no doubt. Google them and check out there website. These guys don't mess around.
  10. Hegartydirtwork

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    I would recommend 25ton lift axle and tilt top, I've run eager beever ramp load and tilt top. Not only is the tilt easier to load it's much easier to keep the undercarriage clean.

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