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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by BBallkid42, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. BBallkid42

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    I've seen a lot of posts on here about a home made gate assist and that is something I would like to do. I was thinking of just hooking up an eye-bolt on the trailer and gate and connect them with a garage spring on both sides of the trailer, do you think this would work. I have seen a lot of home made ones with pulleys and pvc pipe but didn't think that would be absolutely necessary. Any help would be appreciated and detailed instructions of any home made ones you have made would be great too.
  2. bmc1025

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    All I can say is make sure you have some way of stopping the spring if it breaks. You can run a cable through it and attach to the gate and side rail with enough slack or encase it in some tubing just make sure the spring cannot become a projectile.
  3. Maxify

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    Gorilla Lift is the greatest thing I ever attached to my trailer.

    That and the angle iron to support the tractor in loading.

    Gate weighs over 300# now and can be lifted with one finger.
    Well, maybe two.

    Most times I just grab the cable and yank.
  4. LiveGreenLawn

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    I bought the twin pack from gorilla lift. Only needed spring. So I have an extra one for sale $50.00. Brand new in box. Let me know if anyone is interested.
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  5. ffemt1271

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    purchased the gorillas last week after reading reviews on the net, just waiting on them to get here
  6. gasracer

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    I have a new Elegator gate lift that I will sale you. I bought 2 and only needed one.It has all the hardware and instructions.
  7. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    I have this same setup...My buddy made it for me.
    Its a chain link Welded to the side of the trailer, Attached to a "garage spring"
    From the spring is a cable that goes through a series of pulleys then hooks to the gate. Its all covered up by Painted PVC. I think hee used HD AtV winch cable...MUST be HD or you're asking for problems. looks like the real deal! Its really only because he reenforced this trailer so it could handle a mini skid steer
    So the gate is heavier because it has ramps for a skid built in.
    Sorry for posting so many pictures just thought it would be a little helpful....
    For sale too!

    side trailer spring assist.jpg

    back spring.jpg

  8. vencops

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    Not to hijack (much)....but....

    Does anyone know of an assist that mounts UNDER the trailer rails?

  9. Not commercially. But I've built one using coil springs under the trailer. Can't really recommend it. Especially not after seeing what they use on horse trailers. It's a leaf spring mounted under the tail of the trailer that pushes the tailgate up. It's simple, lightweight and compact.
  10. BBallkid42

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    How much would you be willing to sell the Elegator lift for?

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