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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lazer 46, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. lazer 46

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    How many years do you guys get out of the mesh on your trailer gate? After 2 years of use my gate mesh started to break. I replaced it with heavy duty mesh and all has been well for a number of years. Now I'm thinking of a new trailer and all I see is the same thin type of mesh.
  2. Daddy Joes Lawn Service

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    Don't know never had this problem?
  3. SproulsLawnCare

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    I had one year on the last trailer and the mesh was starting to bow. Probably because I used the trailer to haul a few cars, but it was getting worse every week from loading the ZTR. The only problem with breakage that I had was where I caught the spindle on the mesh un-loading the machines.

    Sadly, that trailer met with it's fate early in life due to a drunk driver.
  4. topsites

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    Yeah but I stopped catching my blade bolts on the mesh after I realized that is what was tearing it up, I did most of the damage my first year and now in my 6th year I still have the original.

    Once it's lowered, right at the top section of the gate where it angles and meets the trailer, when a mower crosses that portion some machines the blade bolt(s) will catch on the grate. With Wb's I find I need to pop a wheelie both when loading and unloading, just over that angle, to make sure it doesn't catch the grate. With Z's it's easier, I just make sure the deck is suspended at the transport height.
    When it does tear it up anyway, I take a hammer and flatten out the parts that are sticking up, but this hasn't happened in years.
    That and I usually pay a little attention when parking the truck, some spots will result in a steeper angle once the gate is lowered.
    I try not to get into too steep angles, but for more than the reasons of the grate, the flatter the gate angle the easier everything goes.

    Other than that, if I have a very heavy machine I try and ride the wheels on the steel beams instead of the in between sections, but my grate's no worse off today than it was 5-6 years ago, maybe a little but it's just fine.
  5. Runner

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    Mine is 23 years old and just like new. What is up with that? The design of the gate puts the angle iron beams right in line with the mowers and tractor whees. I do have one dent about an inch across off to the side where my brother dropped a wood stove on it years ago. While were on this subject though, I WOULD like to add a little something. Often, I have seen gates that are only partially welded (tack welded) gate to mesh. If you purchase a trailer like this, or if your gate is like this, take the time and weld up all the rest of the pints. This makes it MUCH more rigid, and will keep the existing welds from tearing out. The same applies for the bottoms of spice racks (shelf units on the front of trailers). I've done quite a few for friends with other lawn services in the area.
  6. fitzg2md

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    I built my own trailer completely from raw steel, and I made sure my gate had a rail every foot or so...really helps with making a solid structure...dont see the expanded metal grid bending anytime in the next 20 years! Oh, I second the fact that the expanded metal mesh needs to be welded at every point of the center rails too...not just the perimeter.
  7. sikagrass

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    I went thru the same thing this week and have to say it was lets say exciting. I was backing my z off and the mulch cover got caught, swung me around kind of sideways when it bent the cover up and let me go I came off and ran over the pushmower wheels at the bottom.Culprit was the mesh had a dip and a right rear tire being very low on air.Fixed the tire and adjusted the deck lift as high as it goes and now I clear by 3/4 of an inch. Going to take my time unloading from now on.Sick feeling on the way down happened so fast.
  8. IHusky

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    When I was looking for a new trailer, I encountered the same problem, cheap expaned metal and the trailers looked like a ****** welded them and they wanted $3000 + tax for them. I found this guy on Ebay (might be way too far for you). For $2400 total out the door I got: LCD lights, trailer brake on one axle, spare tire, bulldog hitch, trimmer rack, ladder rack, cage, new trailer tires and nice rims, and springs on the gates. The expaned metal is pretty thick too. I got mine with a side gate too. I am very happy with this trailer. You can get alot of differnt options. He was very professional and returned my phone calls within reason while being built. He'll do anything you want to it. Thicker expaned metal, longer, shorter, higher gates etc. I have welding equipment and I think the only way I could have gotten better deal was to build myself, but for $2400 I didn't have to lift a finger. I am very happy. That trailer down here would have ran at least $3500 with tax. He says that people drive from all over the county to get these. Good luck.

  9. IHusky

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    Heres the LED lights that are encased in angle iron. You can see the spring on the gate too and the gate latch.

  10. IHusky

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    trimmer rack, bulldog tounge, and spare tire. I put some reinforced rubber tube on my trimmer rack and it has signifigantly reduced scratching and rolling of handhelds. If you never used a bulldog hitch then go with it, they are industructable. Also, the B and W tow and stow ball hitch is amazing. If you are having problems with your ZTR bottoming out, you can easily adjust this ball hitch by increments of inches to rasie the front end of your trialer and lower the slope of your gate. The hitch is all one piece, the design on this thing is flawless. This is the best ball hitch I have ever come across. Get the 10" model.




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