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Trailer help


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For most open trailers you get the "A" tongue. I would guess if you found a single straight tongue trailer it would be lighter duty or more boat trailer styled. Most of the "A" frame tongues support the entire front of the trailer as they will continue under the bed until just ahead of the first axle. As far as organizing place your heavy equipment near or over the axle and the smaller stuff in the front with maybe a tongue box or elevated equipment cage/box. Remember, 10% of the total trailer loaded weight needs to be on the tongue (3500# trailer = 350# tongue weight). Trimmer racks on the sides for some or in a locking cage for me with my blower and hoses. Do a search on "trailer setup" and you should find more ideas. Good luck!


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Chattanooga, TN
Go with the "A" shape front end trailer ... that's the commercial style and is heavier duty !!