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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BBallkid42, Sep 13, 2011.

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    I have the opportunity to upgrade my current trailer, which is a 5 x 8 w/ ramp, to a 7 x 12 w/ ramp. My buddy is cutting me a deal to put his 7 x 12 for about 800 and then I was hoping to get about 600 for my current trailer. My question is whether or not this is a good deal and how much I should be looking to get for my current trailer. It is a 5 x 8 w/ 4' drop-down gate, trimmer rack, and a 3500+ lb axle. I have seen new 6 x 12 trailers advertised for about $1,000 so would it be smart to just turn down my buddy and spend the extra $200 for a brand new trailer or take his trailer for $800?

    Thanks to all
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    I have a tandem axle with racks and its 7x14 drop gate that i bought for 1800. I bought it from a buddy after my enclosed trailer Exploded down the road! :cry:

    you might get 500 for it. I would try to just sell the racks on here or ebay then sell the trailer. But with it being that tiny it might be hard to sell unless someone has a atv or golfcart

    if the trailer is in a good condition and
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    two words for you ,quality and condition .Trailers prices vary by the quality of the materials used in the construction of them such as thickness of frame members,number of crossmembers,type of suspension ,type of floor ,tires and wheels ,and extra features ,so to be fair you have to know what the actual quality of the trailers are and comparing apples to apples the pricing should be close .
    Your friends trailer might still be a good buy if its in good condition,properly maintained ,and if its a better quality trailer to begin with .

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