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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by mwalz, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Vecchio Lawn Care

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    You can make it fit. My buddy has a 8' bed an he fits a 48" wb, 52" stander, a push mower, bkpack blower and trimmers. He refuses to use a trailer even though he has one
  2. GrassGuerilla

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    Years ago I put a 48" JD, a 21" Toro, trimmer, blower and gas cans in a Ranger. Worked out of it for the first two seasons. Easy to park and maneuver. Pain to load and unload dang near everything at each job. That said, it was what I had. Way easier to load and unload from a trailer with a ramp gate.

    If you can swing a trailer, your s-10 will pull a 5x10 nicely. Good size for a solo, or even with a helper. More than enough for your current mowers, and room for that 52"-54". A single 3500# axle is the way to go. A 2000# axle is pushing it when you add your next mower, or haul any dirt, rock, sod etc.
  3. Colaguy

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    Check Craigslist for a small used trailer in your area & surrounding areas. When I first started mowing, I'd put the Xmark 36" in back of truck along with ramps, weed eater, gas, backpack blower, for (2) yrs. I'd have to remove all other tools before I could get the mower off. It was by far a time wasted stupid thing for me to have to do on a daily basis.
  4. GVL LLC

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    look around on craigslist. When i started 4 years ago i found a homemade 5x9 trailer with 3 ft wooden sides with ramp and metal floor for $300.00. then I spent 150 to get new tires because they were junk and I still use it today even though I have since bought a bigger/nicer one. There are deals to be had ya just gotta find em.
  5. ncpete

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    Also, if you have a Tractor Supply Co. nearby, they are now selling 5X8 trailers for $599 - as I recall they are rated for 3500 #'s?
  6. monoshock

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  7. Bumpmaster

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    Mom told me if I bought a trailer I had to move out. Well needles to say I got a 4x8. :cool2:
  8. ncpete

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    something I don't think anyone has mentioned yet, is that pulling a trailer is plenty easy, but BACKING a trailer for a noobie can be quite the challenge, and requires some practice to get good at.
  9. mwalz

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    thanks a lot, i have a 6' bed on a s-10 so it should work, i can get ramp parts and some boards for probably $40 and my dad has some he would probably let me use if he don't need them
  10. mwalz

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    well the fact it was put in a ranager i can't imagine my s-10 would be much different. it might be a pain but its what i would have to work with, thanks for telling me that because i was really unsure of how everything would fit, i have an extended cab so if i had to put say a blower back there i would, but that makes me feel better that i could make it work if i had to

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