trailer ideas


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Hey I wanted to put a tool box on my trailer, because how it is now, tools will fall off. It is a 16 ft. trailer. Do any of you have any ideas or pictures. The problem I am having is I want to keep the gas cans at an easy access. thanks


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Pittsburgh, Pa
I built a little box on the front of my trailers. It rests on the actual tongue, so its not in the way on the trailer. Its made out of wood and can hold two gas cans. Its nice , you don't have to worry about them rolling around and they are out of the way. I put it as close to the trailer as possible so it doesn't effect the turning.


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Portsmouth, VA
Until I got the trailer I use now, I had a Tuff Box (hard plastic contractor's work box) on the tongue. The jack on this trailer keeps me from putting it there unless I want to live without the jack. I put 2 milk crates in it, and keep line spool, spare blades, mechanic tool set, F.A. kit, WD40, Wasp killer, trash bags. If I need it, I keep it in there. I have been too busy to solve the jack problem, but will probably mount the box on an angle iron frame that raises it up so you can reach the jack. Time to get out the welder.