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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by work4green, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. work4green

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    I have a trailer jack that the manuf. failed to fit with a grease fitting, and the bearing finally gave up the ghost. I'm looking for a replacement bearing, as this is the only thing wrong with the jack, but can't find a supplier. Anyone have any ideas? The bearing is made to take a load parallel to the shaft, instead of perpendicular to the shaft like a wheel bearing. Its probably a $5 part- the new jack is nearly $60.
  2. jim dailey

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    A lot of your auto parts stores are pretty good with the bearings. I know that NAPA is real good for the bearings. Have you tried any trailer places? Worse comes to worse...get on e-bay and do a search for the seller "bearingking". He has an e-bay store on line. I have done business with him. He is out of Texas and a gentleman.
  3. work4green

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    Thanks, I'll try these out. NAPA comes to mind, but I had to buy some bearings for a mower once, I can buy for 10 bucks or less, they were around 25 each at NAPA. I had to have them that day to finish the job though... and they haven't failed yet, so they must be quality.

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