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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by fga, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. fga

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    2 things here...

    1) what is the purpose of this elevating jack in the from of my trailer, not the stationary one, the one that swings up, with the wheel? is it meant so you can pull the trailer a a foot or 2 to hook up, or can i push the trailer with the wheel down 20 - 30 feet a day? is that too much for it, will it break? the brand is Eclipse.
  2. fga

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    2nd) i highly recommend this stabilizer jacks to any guys looking for a trailer. i don't know if they come standard or not, i think they do on the Wells.. :)

    i never thought these copuld be so useful. i have been loading my trailer up and down using the ramp, sturdy as anything. no front flying up in the air. and they fold up nicely underneath when not in use..just a newbie trailer guy saying if you have the option, get it. :)
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    The jack in the center of the tongue usually doesnt have a wheel on it and someone probably added the other jack with the wheel to aid in hooking up. Not sure how it will hold up, some are made better than others, atcually the ones i have had like that were on boats and the gears would wear out long before the wheel did.
    The only thing I dont like about the jacks are Im afraid I would forget them and drive off break them off. It does save alot of picking up the back of the truck. Had a friend of mine drive a Z mower on a trailer behind a mini pick up. It lifted or lighten the rear of the truck so much that it took off on a small hill, scared him bad, lucky no damage cause when he got on the trailer the rear went back down, he now has jacks on his trailer to stop that from happening
  4. fga

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    he used the jacks while hooked up to the truck? these i used while the trailer was totally free. it was just as sturdy as being hooked up to something. i wonder what weight capacity it would hold.
  5. Scag48

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    Those rolling jacks allow you to roll the trailer around (if it is humanly possible) by hand. If the load is balanced correctly on the trailer, it shouldn't hurt the jack at all. I have a rolling jack on my 6X10 and even with my trailer fully loaded I can roll it around pretty easily. I wouldn't have any other jack on my 6X10 because it's alot easier to hook up, no bashing the bumper, just get close and roll the trailer up.
  6. D Felix

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    I don't think the stabilizer jacks on the back come standard with every brand. Our UXT 14' enclosed doesn't have them, and we just bought new it back in September.

    The rolling jack will probably wear out, but replacements can be found fairly easily. They're pretty tough, it'll take a while for you to notice much wear.

    That sounds minor. I watched as my boss rode out a similiar situation last summer. F-250, 2WD, had the 14' flat trailer on behind, with the JD4300 tractor on it. Backed it up the driveway, set the brakes and put it in park. As he was unloading the tractor, it took the wieght off of the rear end of the truck. He ended up riding it out on the tractor (which was on the ramp of the trailer), down the hill, probably 50 feet or better, until the trailer jackknifed on the road. Dented the driver's side of the bed, blew out the rear tire too.

    All I could do was sit in the mini-ex and watch as it happened. Fortunately no one was coming down the road at the time. The other way it could have ended was to hit the light pole on the other side of the road....

  7. nt1

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    Yes I use those wheel jacks on small trailers to roll them around during hitch up to truck. They also fold out of the way so you can fully lower tailgate on truck.
  8. ALarsh

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    We have one on our 17' sea ray boat trailer (3000 lbs loaded). We use the roller all the time, couldn't live without it. The roller should last you a long time. I wouldn't be worried about wear but I would use the lift that doesn't roll for long term holding.
  9. Jason Rose

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    I have a wheel jack on my 20' landscape trailer. though you can't roll it very far when it's loaded I can still move it a bit and it helps sometimes getting it hooked up. I also have another jack mounted on the opposite side of the tounge with just a flat plate on the bottom of it (both are swing up bull dog jacks) that is longer than the other. comes in real handy when I need to get the trailer tounge higher to get it off the truck if i'm not on level ground. Also makes it more stable to use both jacks or more specifically, the one without the wheel when unhooking on the roadside where there is a side slope, if you get what I am saying... Keep both jacks on your trailer and use the center one for any time you need to unhook on unlevel ground or if your truck is a little overloaded and you can't get the swingaway jack to swing down due to ground clearence. Nothing bites worse than not being able to get the trailer loose from the truck when you need to.
  10. green814

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    To prevent the trailer moving if the rear truck tires lift up, couldn't you use a pair if wheel chocks either on the trailer wheels or the front wheels of the truck? Just thought if this would work it would be quicker than setting jacks up under the rear of the trailer. Just an idea.

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