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Trailer Layout

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doogiegh, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. Doogiegh

    Doogiegh LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 871

    Hey guys,
    I'm working on laying out a floor plan for my trailer.

    You can see the attached picture. The entire layout needs to be re-done and I'm looking for advice on how to lay things out:

    Currently have the gas cans up in the front corner. Next to that I put my metal grass catcher. Next is a red square box on the floor that I keep my handheld blower in. Then I have my trimmer rack mounted on the outside of the trailer.

    On the other side of the trailer, I put my 21" in the nose of the trailer, followed by my 3 green garbage cans for catching clippings.

    Right up the middle I put my 32" up to the front of the trailer.

    That leaves me a big walking area of wasted space.

    As you know, I picked up a 44" Woods with bagger. The Woods will not currently fit next to the 21 up front if I leave the gas cans in the front corner as they are now.

    So the cans gotta move. Or the 21 has to move.

    In addition, I am wondering for the places that I do do leaves, should I make a 4 foot leaf box on the front of the trailer cause it 's 16 feet long or should I dump all clippings in the bed of my truck and use an EZ-unloader to dump out of the truck?

    My other idea was to move all 3 of the cans up against the front wall of the trailer. Then I would put a 2" by 12" piece of wood going against the floor of the trailer like a mini wall. From there I could put the 21 next to the 44 and then the 32 would be in the rear corner of the trailer... But I don't know where to put the gas cans, or the handheld blower, or if my trimmer rack should move to the front of the whole trailer or what.

    I also have a backpack blower that I am currently mounting to the right of the trimmer rack.. I want to be careful that I don't run any mowers over the tube of the blower by accident...

    How's your trailer setup?



  2. MacLawnCo

    MacLawnCo LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,847

    I think that you should put your three trash cans in front. Then put the woods in. Behind that, put the 32 and 21 in sideways. If you use the 32 or 21 most frequently, put them in the back. If you use the woods the most, put that in the back and the wbs in the front. I put my gas under the handles of my 21.
  3. Turfdude

    Turfdude LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,899

    For our open trailers, we screen in the bottom of the tow and add a side rail about 12" high. We can fit a sprayer, milk crate w/ hand tools, mixed and straight oil, etc, a 2.5 gal can of mixed gas and a 5 gal can ofstraight gas. All trailers have trimmer racks mounted on the top rail curbside. We also have the top cage box across the front of the trailer. It sits up high enough that w/b's, etc fit underneath andsit tight to the front of the trailer. We also weld a steel plate to the front of this crate to hold a five gal H2O cooler. The cooler has a welded bracket on either side and we keep it strapped to the box w/ a bungee. The upper cag holds up to 3 blowers and 3 lunch coolers comfortably.

    Sorry I have no pics to post, but maybe this winter I'll have more time to play w/ the digital camera and software.

    Doogie, a standard 8' bed will hold 7 60 gal. barrels if you have to. As far as the rest of your equipment, just load the bigger stuff on, w/ most frequently used in the rear, and place smaller equipment and catchers in last. Make sure the smaller stuff gets secured or locked in somehow so the larger stuff doesn't roll and damage it during transport.

  4. Is that an antenna up in front?

    Is that a mirror on it to line the truck up with the hitch?
  5. greenman

    greenman LawnSite Addict
    Messages: 1,405

    What size rims are those? Look like off of a mobile home.

    I have gas racks outside the trailer on each side in the back. I dont carry trash cans. Something better. :D Lawn Funnel. Anyone else use one?
  6. Doogiegh

    Doogiegh LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 871

    Nope, not an antenna, it is a backup mirror. Makes things very easy to backup with. Got the metal rod from Home Depot for like $2.49 and the mirror for $9.99 from Pep Boys. Once it is angled right, I can see the whole hitch looking through my trucks rear mirror. Very very easy to align and hookup quickly with.

    The tires on the trailer are I believe 21.5*8-10's. I forget the exact numbers, but I believe that is what they are. I know it's a weird size, but it's what came with the trailer when I got it..

    I played around with the setup of things some. I think I am going to have to build an elevated front rack for the front of the trailer like a basket to keep things in cause I don't have the floorspace to keep everything I want down on the floor, securely..

    I added another pic to this message, you can see the layout of the floor now.

    Any one got pics of their trailer setup just so I can take a look?

    You can email me directly at doogiegh@optonline.net if you want.

  7. greenman

    greenman LawnSite Addict
    Messages: 1,405

    I wish, oh I wish I had a digital camera. Then I could post pics of my equipment(and the things that I see in the neighbors yard by peeking through the bushes:D ).
  8. Really? You sure you wouldn't wrap your mower around a tree Greenman?

    Where did you get the trailer from?

    What is the GVW on it.

    I like the trailer.

    Ideas I can't help you with, unless you play with mowing the stuff around.
  9. I got one for you.

    Make a rack to hold the trash cans right over the front rail, this will move them out of your way, and let you put the deck of other things under it.
  10. greenman

    greenman LawnSite Addict
    Messages: 1,405

    No, I watch where I am mowing. If I peek through the bushes to have a look-see, I stop my mower. I wouldnt want to get a bent deck.

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