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Trailer light w/ isuzu


LawnSite Senior Member
Had a dump bed put on a 95 isuzu cabover. Paid the bed place to wire it to tow a trailer w/ brake controller and the whole deal. So I go to pick it up and they say by the way you won't have brake lights when you tow a trailer but everything else will work. What the ?????? They say it has to do with the split turn signal and brake lights on the truck. So question is....Is it possible to have brake lights and what is needed for this to happen? Thanks


LawnSite Senior Member
yea they sell a box that combines them to make the lites work right on the trailer. the box has inputs for running, left, right turn, and brakes. And out comes running lights, and then right and left turn, with the brake lites. Just like the old combined systems. I think they call them tail light converters. Hope it helps!! later chris


LawnSite Senior Member
I took care of this myself when I had my 95. I can't believe a repair shop didn't know about it or how to do it. Go to a trailer supply or sales place or an RV shop and they will have the converter. Just follow the directions and you will be all set, very easy to do.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Auburn, WA
Like the other guys said, you need a tail light converter. Easy to install and not expensive. I'd take the truck back to the morons who wired it and tell them you want the job done right.