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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by appalachianarbo, Jun 17, 2008.

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    I just bought a cheap-o trailer frame kit from Northern Tool to mount my spray skid on. It was taking up too much room in the bed of my truck. I got it all together, got the sprayer mounted, installed the light kit, and guess what - the brake lights won't work, and the turn signals look like they're alternating flashes (with the left turn signal on, the left trailer light flashes on and off, but the right trailer light goes from dim to bright as the left light goes on and off. It makes it look like they're both flashing). I've tried all different combinations of joining the trailer wires to the trailer lights (green to black, green to red, brown to black, etc.) Nothing will get the brake lights to come on. They work on the truck, just not on the trailer. The running lights also blink with the turn signals. On the upside - the trailer taillights work when the truck headlights are on!

    I connected the trailer lights to the truck with a 4-prong to 5-prong adapter into my reciever. The trailer has one white ground wire, then four other wires (two run down each side). The taillights for the trailer have two black wires and a red wire that connect to the two trailer wires.

    Any electrical engineers out there that can think of what's going on?

    Before you ask - yes, I read the directions:laugh:

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    It sounds like to me a ground problem. Make sure the ground wire on the trailer is installed. Scratch some paint off the frame where the ground hooks to the trailer. Make sure the ground on the truck connection is also connected to bare metal on the truck frame.
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    Good troubleshooting, Merlin! I scratched the paint off, reinstalled the ground wire, and presto - everything's working! Thanks

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