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Syracuse NY
I'm looking at a brand new open landscape trailer with split gates, wood floor, jack with wheel, 2500 lbs capacity, 6.5' by 12'. They are asking $ 1195 for it. How is this price for a brand new trailer? Thanks, Dave


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That seems a little high, but I guess it is becuase of the area. Im in Cincinnati Ohio. I just bought the same trailer with a side gate and breaks for $1198. It is very well built. I went directly to the manufactur, that saved me about 200 bucks


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Macomb, Michigan
I just bought mine from a guy on ebay and had to pick it up in mikishawa, indiana and it was worth the drive. Got a 6.5 x 10 with a front drop gate off one side, rear drop gate, steel mesh gas can box in front and TORSION AXLE for a nice, smooth ride, and a front jack for $875. The side rails are made of channel tubing....NOT angle iron....and he will make anything you want (no sales tax either). He apologized about the extra hundred bucks for the torsion axle....but I insisted on it cause I haul two motorcycles on it too. The rear drop gate is removeable if ya want it with leaf spring axle its only $775. New tires and rims too...not used ones. He did a pretty nice job for the price

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I have been looking at a 6.5 x 12 with 27 inch sides, single axle and expanded metal 24x20x78 locking cage across the front and they are up to $2400!