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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by fga, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. fga

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    it took me 3 days but the shelves are done. also had some trouble trying to find ways to properly mount to Luan. :dizzy: i butchered up my first attempt.
    i don't know what you can see from the pics, but i built shelves in the front, with partitions, using 2x3's and some 1/4" plywood. made some trimmer racks using 2x3's and some clamps (idea i saw on LS). i ran a 2x3 down the side, and screwed in some vinyl coated metal tool holders.
    when i bouhgt the trailer, the guy had 2 long pieces of the metal trim, contoured for the floor. i cut some pieces and screwed them to the floor to act as stops for the equiupment. you can't see it, but when screwed down, one side is sloped and the other side is almost flat.... perfect for the stops cuz the machines roll right over them into place, but need some effort to get back over.... and they are really light.
    i got nervouse cuz when i hooked up my truck to the trailer (1500 seried GMC) and went for a ride, the truck went to down nitoiceably............ forgot i had 750 pounds of fertilizer in the bed already! :rolleyes:
    the pole looking thing on the block of wood, that a spool rig i made. cut a small piece of PVC piping, drilled a hole in a block of wood, and a hole in the front shelf, and used wood adhesive to hold it all in place. i then drilled a hole in the end of the PVC for a cotter pin or the like.
    also, priceless is that organizer i bought at Sears, bolted to side door of the trailer. great for little odds and ends.
  2. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    materials and costs:
    (1) 1/4" plywood $12
    (12) 2x3 @ $2 $24
    screws, $5
    (10) vinyl hooks @ .49 $5
    (2) 2" clamps @ $1 $2
    (1) tube of liquid nails $1.50

    $44.50 :blob3:
  3. troblandscape

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    Looks Great man. I love making modifications to trailers and equipment that I use everyday. Good Luck with the season. payup
  4. fga

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    thanks man. it looked great when i was done, with all the equipment in, it as was just too dark outside to get a good pic.
    48" mower
    2 21" lawnboys
    1 walk behind edger
    2 trimmer
    2 blowers
    and all the other hangables.. together like an orchestra. :)
    good luck to you also.
  5. kemmer

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    What size trailer is that? you might want to secure those trimmers better, but nice job.
  6. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    that's a 6x12. the trimmer has a very deep bracket on the motor side, bent up. and the head side has one of the clamps alot of guy use on here. she ain't going nowhere, she's locked in.. :)

    and the pole saw on top of the trimmer, is in the "U" brackets. i screwed them in from the top, so you have to actually lift up a few inches to get it out.
    there's alot of detail that can't be seen.. i took my time with this :cool2:
  7. Lux Lawn

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    Looks like you did a good job...A well $44.50 spent,did you ever get that second walk behind you were talking about?
  8. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    thanks. i'll take a picture in a few minutes of everything in it, it looks pretty organized.

    my buddy is supposed to come buy the Bobcat in the picture up there, the 48". i am waiting til he comes and gets it. i don't think the guy was going to sell it yet. if so, i'll have to look for another.

    what do you think of my spool rig... :cool: the adhesive was drying yesterday, i didn't get a pic with the spool on, i'll try it in a few minutes, maybe get a pic. (like nobody has ever seen a spool holder, or trailer shelves, i'm just a proud poppy :angel: )

    i just realized i have a pink radio in the second picture... :blush:
  9. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Looks fine to me, mmmmmmm is that a Barbie radio lol, get that from your daughter?
  10. BladeRunner1967

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    Great job Adam...I like the small catch all thingy on the side door. Wish I had an enclosed....Just finishing up my gate assist is beautiful out here this morning.

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