Trailer ramp problem

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by turf dog, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. turf dog

    turf dog LawnSite Member
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    I have a 18' ft trailer. Even on level ground it is hard to load and unload my walker mower. Should I get a taller ramp so the angle is better or any ideas would be appreciated.

  2. stumper1620

    stumper1620 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    if you have a reciever type hitch, flip the insert to raise the front of the trailer, I had to do that with mine, amazing what 2 inches higher on the tounge can do for the angle at the rear.
  3. turf dog

    turf dog LawnSite Member
    Messages: 108

    Thanks, I will give it a try.
  4. LawnScapers of Dayton

    LawnScapers of Dayton LawnSite Silver Member
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    if that does not may have to go with a longer tailgate...

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