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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Neil M, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Neil M

    Neil M LawnSite Member
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    I currently have a 6x12 trailer (3 yrs old), and I need to expand ( too much equipment), I'm looking at about 7x16. Is 7x16 good enough for solo and what about angle iron vs tube steel. What about side ramps and cages up front. Looking for suggestion before spring. Thanks Neil
  2. atv220chris

    atv220chris LawnSite Member
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    i would get the one that has tube for the rails just so you dont rip your tie downs to peaces
  3. Drew Gemma

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    key to trailers is no matter what you get it is not big enough. so go big you will use it we use a tandem heavy equipment trailer low and wide pro lockers and trimmer trap on the sides no rails 2 7500 lb. axels ramp gate spring assist we can pull the z on with a bagger and spin it sideways 2 times the space or take every thing off and put the compact tractor on it 1 trailer many uses. This will be my 4th trailer i am done with cheap or medium duty trailers they eat tires rust the welds break the iron is to flimsy (sp?) bad wiring. this thing complete is pricey but they have a real paint process and led lights it is just over built and in the end thats what you need these trailers get used a lot think about how many times you drag a trailer. Get an 18 x 7

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    How much equipment does a solo guy need on a daily basis?? I mean what are you hauling around where you need a big trailer?
  5. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    That's something I never understood, either.
  6. mowing grass 1111

    mowing grass 1111 LawnSite Senior Member
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    i was solo last year and used a 6x12 carson open trailer times i could have used a bigger trailer for hauling mulch, etc . i also have a 7x14 enclosed trailer that i wish was a 7x18, by the time i put 2 60 inch lazer z mowers along with all the hand held tools , gas cans and tools in the trailer its packed.
    do yourself a favor and buy the bigger trailer
  7. lawnpro724

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    If your intent is to grow your company then a 16' or even an 18' is the way to go, it may seem like overkill but you will be amazed at the uses you will find for it. I would also advise you to keep your other trailer instead of selling it. If your wanting to grow your business you will need to trailers in no time.
  8. packey

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    What type of trailer. I am for the most part a solo operator that is until I load up and head to the ski resorts. then I hire two young men to come with me two days a week. whenI do this I want everything on my trailer. I just ordered a new 18 foot maxey with side ramp gate, rear ramp gate 4 foot sides front cargo basket trimer racks hand tool holders, dual brake axles and breakaway system. I will be hauling two z riders 1 walkbehind and 2 21 inch push mowers on most occasions, 3 trimmers 1 stick edger, 1 walkbehind edger, misc hand tools and 3 45 gallons trash cans and mulitple empty 5 gallon buckets. But then again on these days I am over 65 miles from home and so I want every thing I could possibly need. The trailer was around 3000 dollars and I am heading back home to pick it up I could not find anyone in a reasonable distance to build what I wanted the way i wanted and I have used this company before. they build good trailers. I wish they had a web site I would send it to you.

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