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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by rfed32, Jan 23, 2009.

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    You really want to keep you info on a vehicle sign simple and to the point. People usually only have a few seconds to read the info on your sign. Name and contact info is all you really need. the more info on the sign, the better chance you have of them not getting to the important part like your phone number. Also, keep the font basic, something that is easy to read from a distance. you also might want to shop around the sign shops in town, their prices could vary quite a bit.
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    too much, keep it simple
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    That is really busy. I agree to much to try to read in a short time. I had my old enclosed trailer with services listed, it worked at a stop light/sign or on the side of the road, but going down the road at 55-65 mph, to much to try to read and then get the contact info for. I am redoing the etc with just my co name, slogan of professional landscape services phone number and web. No more no less. Gives a quick shot with the slogan, tells them who w are, what we do and how to get in touch with us.

    THe bus. cards are a little more elaborate, but they generally are not a marketing tool, it is contact, and if some one is picking up you card, they have already got the time to look it over, and I went with a broad spectrum, but again kept the logo, slogan and contact info there.
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    Why would I need those? :laugh:
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    what is tax money i thought they only take money not give back ;)
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    Do you track your phone calls? If so, how many per month in the growing season do you get from that trailer sign?
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    One of mine


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