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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by snapper, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. snapper

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    okay, there are alot of variables to this question and alot of talk, but i am trying to figure out sumthin. First i had a smallish home built trailer around a 5x8. then i upgraded to a 5x10. Then i got tired of it and bought a 6.5x 12. but know i am having second thoughts. I rarely haul over one walk-behind mower, despite my well thought out plans of carrying multiple mowers. The 6.5x12 i have now is just too dadgum big. Now i have no plans to upgrade, and this wb is a 48". I am considering either selling this one and buying a smaller one, or keeping the big one and then buying a say 5x8 for when i want to haul just the wb, and then use the big un for multiple mowers or trash or what ever. So i guess what i am wondering, is it not over kill to have one walk behind on a 6.5x12? And would it not make sense to have a trailer just big enough for what i normally haul? keeping in mind i have no plans to upgrade? Having a smaller trailer would mean less weight being towed, easier to get through back roads and such. Any thoughts on this? just trying to decide what i want to do...

    later chris
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    bigger is better, works for trailers too:cool2:
    keep the bigger one, you'll need it at some point and you'll be glad that you kept the bigger one.
  3. RockSet N' Grade

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    You will grow into your trailer. I have had a couple made, and each time after some use, I wish they were larger than what I got.
    If you can park ok and pull it ok with the rig you have.....I'd say stay with it. Having a bigger trailer gives you alot of options and may just prompt someone seeing it asking you to do some hauling or clean-up for them. You have got it, trying to sell it you are gonna let some money go and then to buy a replacement......there is more outgo financially. Put your effort into developing your business and your trailer will work just fine......
  4. stevesmowing

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    When I bought my first trailer 2.5 years or so ago I only had a 48" walkbehind. I bought a 6.5x16. Now I have that mower plus a 52" ferris walkbehind and 2 60" super z riders. If I wasn't limited to storage space I wish I had gone to an 18' trailer. I also have a 6x12 trailer. Don't go back to a smaller trailer espically if its smaller than a 6x12.

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