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Trailer size

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Hi, I have done a search and read through a lot of posts about trailers. When it says a size of trailer, is this usable space or the whole length from back to the hitch?

I have a 36" getting a 60" ztr, a 21" and a lawn vacuum to get on there. I just got a 10' by 20' storage unit as well, so I can't go beyond that size.

Thanks for your help

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Yes that is the box measurements

As far as what will work best for you. Get all the measurements of everthing you want to put it in. Even if that means going to an equipment dealer and measuring the equipment.

Then layout an outline of the 7x12 or 7x16, whatever.
And place the measurements of the equipment inside arranged as you would like it, play around with the arrangement.
If it fits GREAT! if not? Then adjust your trailer measurement till you get to the one you need.
Get a 6.5 x 16Ft

You any bigger and it will be to big for the storage unit.

I am thinking about dooing the same.

Then You dont have to unload just unhitch at the storage unit lock up and come back the next day.

Get a 14 or 16 Ft Trailer
I have a 12 right now its a tad to small

I almost purchased a 8 x 30 enclosed for $5k
I went back to buy it and it was sold already.

Would have been a great trailer I could have moved the whole shop into the traler and be a real mobil lawn care comopany.
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It is important to consider your needs (current and future) carefully. I bought a 6X12 and had to upgrade to the 6.5x16 as the business grew, At this point I have no need to go bigger, but I like to be diversified and do more landscaping and that means material hauling.. A couple alternatives for oth sides of the business with the least costly being a tow dump trailer. Seriously considering a 12-14 FT Box type truck and a tow dump to have both equipment and material on site when needed.
The key is think it through and always go a bit bot bigger if you intend o be serious and grow your biz
Wider is Sometimes better than Longer. I prefer 80" width & Shorter Lengths due to the Close proXimity of Drives on my Res. routes.
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