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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by LawnCoach, Nov 24, 2003.

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    I may be getting a large account that would require me to purchase an additional mower and upgrade my trailer size. Currently, I have a 5x10 and carry a 48 in. exmark(wb) and two 21 in mowers. I would possibly be getting a 48 in. Walker(rider) if I could get it to fit on a 6X12 along with my exmark. My question is, could I fit these four mowers on this trailer? Space is a problem in my garage so a 12 foot long trailer would be the longest I could get. Does anyone here have small trailers with two large mowers? I tried a search and could not find anything.
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    It would be tight but you could do it. You could think about building a platform over a wheel on the trailer to put your 21's off the ground. You would have to put your deck up on your walker everytime you load and unoad which would suck. You will be surprised how little you use your 21 and walkbehind once you start cutting with a walker. You will end up leaving the walkbehind at home. :)
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    Thanks for your reply. I never thought about putting my 21's over the wheel. I had been kicking around the idea of removing my truck bed and building some sort of platform with a side gate. I only use the truck for my lawn biz and could re-install the bed if I decide to sell it. Anyway, thanks again.
  4. mmacsek

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    Another to consider is the weight limit of the trailer. My trailer was loaded to the max most of the season and this past Monday I broke the main leaf spring on the right side. That wasn't pretty!! I will be upgrading my trailer. Matt
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    How about enclosed 14 or 16 footer? I'm in the same dilema I can get by for now but need bigger.

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