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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by stevesmowing, Dec 5, 2004.

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    I was looking at buying a trailer next year and was wondering if I could fit both my 48" w/b and my 60" super z on a 6x12 trailer. If that enough space to turn the w/b 90 degrees or not? Is there any chance of getting it on a 10' trailer or not? I am limited on storage space in my garage. Also I was curious what the exact lengths are of a 12' and a 10'. Any information would be great. Thanks.
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    We have a 7X16 open trailer with a side gate. When we carry the walkbehind we use the side gate and put the ztr on the back and there is a little room on the dove tail for brush and grass. And beside the ztr (48in) we put our push mowers. I think that if you get a 6X12 there might be enough room to fit a walkbehind and a ztr but if would be tight and you would not have any spare room for brush, grass, etc. If I was you I would try and get a bigger trailer. We could really use a bigger trailer, because we have 2 ztrs and a walkbehind. There is only enough room for 2 ztrs or a walkbehind and ztr. Our next truck purchase will be an Isuzu NPR box truck.

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