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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by nograss, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. nograss

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    Starting a new business and have purchased a 52" Exmark Turf Tracer, WB. Trying to determine size trailer to buy, 12',14' or 16' single or tandem. There is about $900. diff between single and tandem. I figure i will have a 60" Hustler by July also. Help in this would be appreciated.
  2. impactlandscaping

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    One thing I have learned over the years is to buy the biggest trailer you can afford. You will find many ways to fill it to capacity :D ..just make sure your truck can handle the stopping and pulling..
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

    grass_cuttin_fool LawnSite Gold Member
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    I have a toro proline 52'' wb and a Tiger cub on a 12 footer and it is very full, maybe 2 inches left. The Tiger cub is a compact Z, Aregular or full size frame and it would not fit. Im not familar with Hustler but if it isnt a mini frame I dont think you can get it on a 12 footer. I just purchased a 16 foot tandem trailer also because of carrying alot of weight, the Tiger cub weighs in at almost 1000 pds and the toro at 750 pds, the trailer it self is 900 pds, add a 21'' mower and an edger and trimmers and you are at around 2800 pds or so. This is hard to stop with out brakes and you are starting to approach the weight limit of the axle and springs also.
    My best advice is to look for a 16 foot and get a tandem with brakes, cost more now but may be cheaper and safer in the long run
  4. YardPro

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    a also agree with getting the biggest trailer you can.
  5. green814

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    I myself just picked up a Toro z557 27/60 & have a Toro proline 15/52 bd/wb. I need 11 1/2 feet just for both the mowers. Add in a 21", bagger and gas cans, I need a 14' or 16' trailer. I am not sure of your area, but here in Michigan most dealers are charging the same for a 14' or 16' trailer. If there is a difference, it's only $50 or so. As said before, you can never have enough room.
  6. Jason

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    Are you looking for a trailer? I bought a 16' last fall from a guy on
    Corunna Rd. Not a bad price.
  7. green814

    green814 LawnSite Member
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    I am, but my wife just started a new job and before I buy a new trailer I want to make sure everything is ok. I figure once I start mowing should be enough time to see how the new job goes for her. Is it the trailer you bought, or were you going to give me the name of the place you bought yours at? Either way thank you.
  8. Jason

    Jason LawnSite Senior Member
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    I was going to give you the name of the guy I bought mine from.
    He gets them from Mississippi. Let me know if you want the number.
  9. Scag48

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    You'll probably need a 16' at least for that kind of setup. I'm assuming the 16' is tandem, which will allow you to legally haul as much weight as you will have on there with a 52" and your Z. If you can, get that trailer some electric brakes and a controller in the truck, then you'll have the ultimate trailer. Good luck.
  10. green814

    green814 LawnSite Member
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    If you would, just pm me or post the info, doesn't matter to me. I found one trailer down in Fenton, but it's $1700. + tax. It is built from square tube though, not angle iron. Also comes w/ 1 axle brake, new tires mounted on white spoke rims. If you don't mind,what did you pay for yours. I know the price probably went up a little. And where on Corunna rd. is he?
    If you want a good laugh, I called Garrison's hitch center to see what they wanted to build a trailer, I knew they would be higher, but I was told due to steel prices it would be (very rough estimate) $3500. I about laughed. Anyway, thank you for the info.

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