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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DBALLARD, Jan 20, 2000.


    DBALLARD LawnSite Member
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    Where are most of you keeping your trailers? At your house or a Mini Storage? If you keep them at a Mini storage do just keep them in the lot or back them in one of the units? Any problems with your equipment being taken?<br>
  2. Lazer

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    We mow/fertilizer a guys lawn who owns a gravel pit. We put plows there during summer and trailers during winter. We do his snowplowing in the winter as the fee. It's really a nice deal for us.<br>
  3. mattingly

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    From my understanding, It is common courteousy not to have your trailers(loaded) setup anywhere on your property that causes it to be a nuisance to the neighborhood. In my case I have a carport that would be easily seen from the road or I'd have to park it on the street. Either of these conditions afford much security and they both would be unsightly to my neighbors. I thus have decided to store it at one of the storage places. I can get a 10' x 20' storage area(covered) for 95 a month. In the coming years I plan on having land for a nursery/garden center and storing it there.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY
  4. Keith

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    I had a trailer stolen out of a mini warehouse place. They had outside trailer storage that several people use. Mine was the only thing stolen. The place was fenced with an electronic access gate. I now keep my trailer at the house. But I have always unloaded it.<p>We have three storage builings right now, a 25x10, a 28x10 and 20x40. Really the only one I can even get the trailer in is the 24x40, and it's used for equipment repairs and storage, so there is really no room in there either.
  5. geogunn

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    I keep my trailer at home at the end of the drive. I keep something parked in front of it so that it will be less attractive to someone would take it. as for the courtesy of not parking the trailer in a residential area, there are no restrictions on this activity in my neighborhood and I don't think my trailer and mower is any more offensive than my neighbor's trailer with a bass boat sitting on it. on top of that, since I don't have a store front operation, each month I don't pay for parking elsewhere is more profit in my pocket.<p>GEO<br>
  6. gene gls

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    Keith: What size was your trailer and was the hitch locked?I have been lucky so far.I park mine in my drive and leave it loaded durning the season.In winter its on the edge of the lawn with a lock in the hitch.I am missing gas out of my truck on occasion.
  7. Keith

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    The trailer that was stolen was a 14'x6 1/2'. The hitch was not locked. The deal was, I had always kept my trailer at my house. The county had told me that it could not be in the yard several years before, so it was moved to the driveway. A few years later the county comes along and says it has to be behind the house, which was not possible. I found the mini warehouse and thought their outside trailer parking was secure.<p>I had been parking it there for about 5 months. I went to get it on a Friday morning and it was gone. This is where things kinda get tied together. You may have read in another post where I spoke of getting equipment stolen before. I know who was stealing the stuff, they are well known for equipment theft all over this area. The Sheriffs department and local police departments seem to be scared of these guys, they know who is responsible in most cases. The funny things is these jokers live right behind the police department. They have security cameras and if turned 90 degrees they could see them bring home their stash every night. One of these guys has a relative or something that does masonary work. You will see the same truck that they use for stealing at job sights. The people down the road had a bunch of stuff stolen while they were have their house built. The warehouse complex, where my trailer was, just happened to be adding on, and you guessed it, the concrete work was being done when it turned up missing. So it was an inside job.<p>I now keep my 16'x6 1/2' trailer at the house again. The truck is left hooked up and if it is disconnected, I have a lock for the latch and a ball lock deal too. But I don't leave the equipment on it. I left a brand new (day old) Stihl backpack blower, edger, and Echo trimmer stolen after forgetting it was on the trailer.<p>
  8. jrblawncare

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    Keith,I think its time to sit on porch with Mr.WINCHESTER!!
  9. Keith

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    LOL. I actually did that. And got dogs.
  10. thelawnguy

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    I usually back it into the garage at night and hook back up in the am. No prob if I leave it in the drive for an evening as there is plenty of screening from hedge house garage etc. Prefer to garage it though to keep away from sticky fingers and avoid any conflicts-the assessor drives by on the way home every night and I dont want her getting any ideas on verifying what I declare(!!!)<p>Bill

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