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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DBALLARD, Jan 20, 2000.

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    Keith:Sounds like your thives have the right connections.I never leave my tralier unlocked when left unattended.I have heard lots of thift stories over the years in regards to lawn equipement.I keep my fingers crossed. When I bought my new Fisher plow the dealer said there was a group going around stealing them.I have no choice I have to park it right in the drive.
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    Regarding the plows, when I got my Fisher the first thing I did was replace one of the cotter pins on the pin holding the lift pack with a padlock, seems its fairly common for certain folks to shop for replacements in parking lots and such. I also have started getting into the habit of running a chain thru the pin hole with a padlock to prevent someone from quickly hitching up and running off with my plow while its sitting in the drive.<p>Bill
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    The local mini storage places have doors that are just a bit too narrow to fit a full size trailer into. The units around here are 10'x20', with an 8'door. My trailer is 8'wide, and simply wont fit. Measure before you sing a lease.
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    We have been in yards, mini storage, back of gas stations, name it. Now I have a yard that we rent its next to a couple other fenced in yards and as well as a gated entarnce way to get into the area with the yards. I leave trucks and trailers hitched all summer and in winter or if no truck hichted to trailer we put hitch locks on each trailer. Aslo have all the Equipment in the trailers. Only had one trailer stolen and that was from a customers house over a weekend and I left it un locked. But EVER piece of equipment trailer truck is covered so gets stolen just go buy a new one. But beside the one trailer only had one other problem and that was a xemploye tryed to break in to one of the trailers for the tool box. But since we park the trailer about 8 inches from each other and back into a 8 x8 pole that has a metal cover around it it makes it hard to break into them. Yes I take caution to help prevent thief but if someone real wants it they will get it. In the town that I live you cant have a company truck with logo or lettering on it in your driveway more or less a trailer. They have to be in the garge at all times when at the house. So I would need A HUGH 10 car one. Not going to happen.

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