Trailer tail gate ramp.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by boxerman, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. boxerman

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    I got 4x8 trailer today for free from a lady i know. It is in excellent shape. The paint on the frame is faded that's all that's wrong with it. It has wooden stake sides all the way around it. I lost the tail gate for trailer on the way home with it. I was wondering if anybody has made tailgate ramp for a trailer.
    I want the tailgate to drop to the ground for ramp. And want should i use to make it out of.
  2. h2oskier

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    2x2 angle with expanded metal
  3. olde_blue

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    I once made a ramp gate for a 4x8 stake-side trailer using two 2x10 wooden planks attached at the bottom with four hinges. The planks were screwed to two horizontal 2x4's, which latched to the sides to hold the ramp upright. It looked a little odd, but was cheap and easy to build and allowed me to quickly load a 36" walkbehind on the trailer. I'm afraid I don't have any pics, and I forget how long the planks were. I scored them with a circular saw for traction.

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