Trailer tarps.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ke5hbd, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. ke5hbd

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    Have any of you here used a rolltype tarp on your open trailer?

    Im in the process of looking at a 14 or 16ft trailer with side gate and was thinking about some type of rollover tarp.

    I hate leaving my equipment out in the elements and thought the tarp might be a good idea.

    I wanted an enclosed trailer but I think I will wait for one until I get larger because my business is still small with small equipment but thats due to my accounts being very small.

    These account are postage stamp type rental units or very small homeowner lots.

    Whats funny about it is I only use my old trusty snapper rider on one account and the honda selfpropel on the rest.
  2. topsites

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    If I have to cover mine I usually secure the tarp with steel spring clips, but I've thought time and again about some type of device like dump trucks have, probably have to DIY thou. Most often, I just cover the equipment with a loose tarp, that's only when it's unloaded thou.

    I would think, first some type of weld near the center, one on each side, to which the bars attach to. Then, a roll at the end and with a tarp around it, would have to drop (rolled up) to the front of the trailer, and needs some type of hook to secure it in place so it doesn't go flying...

    Much like a spring-loaded gate lift of sorts.
  3. ke5hbd

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    I was thinking about the semi truck tarp also but found a guy on here in the picture section that built his own trailer and added a top to it.

    I might change my design on my new trailer but I still like the fixed side panels with the rollover tarp design.

    I bet it can be made for a little to nothing.

    I have a large rock hauling company near where I live and I might go over there and see if they have any torn tarps lying around.

    All it would take is a piece of plastic pvc or light pipe like a top section to a chain link fence and screw the tarp to both ends using some type metal strip rolled in each end of the rarp and a handle with a universal joint on the end of the pipe to roll with.

    I would like it to drape at last a foot on all corners with some type of loops so i could tie it to the side of the trailer.

    I even considered using a rool type garade door for the top.
  4. ke5hbd

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    Told you wrong the pictures of the guys home built trailer are in the truck and triler section.

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