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trailer tie downs?


LawnSite Bronze Member
My trailer has U-bolts welded to the frame in the corners. However, I use the Green - touch Fastrap straps to hold my ZTR, and I like it alot.


LawnSite Silver Member
i welded on 8 or 10 D hooks on my trailer when i purchased it last year. it gives me plenty of different arrangements for holding down different equipment and loads.


Yardley, PA.
Originally posted by GrassFearsMe
you guys actually tie down your mowers? Each time you leave a property? Seriously?
I don't know how it is in your state, but in PA there are SERIOUS fines for not having your equipment secured.
Big fines! I'm not taking that chance.


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i don't know about you but i don't like having a couple thousand dollars of equipment just floating around on a trailer. we've got some windy roads as well as WAAAAAAY too many people that have no idea how to drive.

last time i heard, CT has a $600 fine for not securing equipment.


LawnSite Senior Member
thats another thing i like about my enclosed.