Trailer Tires ST205/75D15 vs ST205/75R15

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ed2hess, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. ed2hess

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    Is it worth taking a chance on using the Bias(D) rather than Radial(R) to save $80 on a set of 4 tires? I don't haul dirt or mulch on this trailer simply a couple riding mowers. And I don't run up the interstates only around town. My experiece is these radial tries don't last 2 years and the tread is worn down on one side. So why not get the Bias tires?

    Texas has suddenly gone to an insprection required on some trailers. And of couse my tires with plugs don't pass and neither do the tires with no thread on one side.

    And I can buy the whole darn tire and rim from Southwest for $86 apiece and that is $40 less than a tire from Discount. These tires guys now add on about $30 for rotation, tire disposal, warranty on sidewall, etc etc etc oh and mounting.
  2. rollman

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    Might be a good idea to rotate them a few times a year depending how many miles you put on them .
  3. ecurbthims

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    save the cash,it sounds like your getting your moneys worth with the radials .
  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Bias or Radials I ran them both most get out them is 2 yrs on the mowing trailers
  5. redprospector

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    I don't know about your situation, but I actually prefer bias ply tires over radials on my trailers.
    It dosen't sound like we use our trailers the same. Most of my trailers have 16" tires. I haul short logs on logging roads, and sometimes on no roads. I can't tell you how many radial tires I've ruined by having a rock, or a stob on a log ripping out the sidewall. The bias ply tires sidewalls don't give like radials and they will survive the same abuse that ruins a radial. I run my trailers on the interstate when I need to with no problems.
    I do agree that you might want to rotate them once in a while.
    Texas has been inspecting semi trailers for years. Landscape trailers? Sounds like the "Great State of Texas" is trying to generate a little extra revenue to me.

  6. ed2hess

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    There are almost as many trailers as trucks in this part of the state and everyone of them looks like crap. First I get a ticket from not turning on my left signal and then a warning on no inspection. Trailer failed inspection. Tooo many plugs(sadly I just started plugging) and no tread. And clearance lights were out and no dead man switch and battery in case it came unhitched. I just stopped at a mexican run shop that looks like crap along the road and he will put tires on at $85 apiece. And what about flats he says for you man I will fix them for $10. Discount tires got down to $108 and they are whinning about that price on bias tires.
  7. redprospector

    redprospector LawnSite Member
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    $85 sounds like a pretty good deal. That's about what I was giving for 16" bias tires 6 or 7 years ago.

  8. ed2hess

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    I went ahead and got Discount down to $100 total for the bias tires and they will patch them as needed. They did a lot of whining and wanted to charge me $3 more a tire to get rid of old but I said I take them. They have an unbelievable set of stuff that they add on top of a tire price. I will be taking our business to the mexican shop he is closer to our base.

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