trailer tires worn after 2000 miles.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by justgeorge, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. justgeorge

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    Bought a new tandem open trailer in April. For the first couple of months I was running a straight trailer hitch which had the trailer not running as flat as it should be (but it did keep the mower deck from scraping coming off the trailer). Then I put on a 4" drop hitch, which made the trailer run level, but I barely could get the removable trailer jack wheel on and off. Now I have a 2" drop to avoid that problem.

    Anyway, between the trailer not running perfectly flat and all the turning around we do in cul-de-sacs on our route the back tires are already bald. The original tires are cheap TaskMaster, I think. What would be a good hard rubber longer lasting tire to replace these with?
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    Carlisle trailer tires seem to last us the longest.
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    Welcome to the world of Chinese trailer tires. It really irritates me that no matter what you spend on a trailer the tires are more than likely junk. I didn't get one year out of the set that came on my latest trailer. The trailer dealer says he's seen them literally rot off the wheels in less than a year if the trailer is left out in the sunshine:confused: I guess I was supposed to park it in my living room.
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    Its just part of it. My trailer sits level and the back is the fastest to go. I have yet to find an American tire that has the proper load range and size for a trailer.
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    Your turning at 90 degrees. That eats the rear tires. You can't do that. Big wide turns for all turns
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    Too often I don't have a choice, whether it's turning around in a cul-de-sac or backing into (and pulling out of) my side-entry garage.

    Was just into Tire Discounters getting tires on my wife's car and he was recommending GoodRide. While sitting there I did some searching and apparently ALL trailer tires are now made in China, even Goodyear.
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    I guess like another poster said, check out Carlisle. I was reading through the FAQ section of their site. This is what they said;

    Where are Carlisle tires made?

    Depending upon which Carlisle tire you select, the tire could have been made in a U.S. factory or elsewhere. We are an American company committed to American manufacturing and standards
  8. dieselss

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    Well if you say you don't have a choice then your gunna br eating through tires. Nature of the beast. Sharp turns outter tires scrub. Or try other turning options.
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    Truck tires aren't built with the same road forces in mind. Sure people do it. You're not going to make anything last longer

    It's a disadvantage of a dual trailer. Nothing you can do about it
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