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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by cnymowing, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. cnymowing

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    I have a question regarding trailer tires... My 7x16' landscape trailer is currently running st205/75D15 bias ply tires, and I have been getting less than a season of use before they are totally bald.

    I need to replace them and would like to not have to buy another set in August. I was thinking of putting 225's on it so I can get load range D tires...

    So I guess my question is, can I expect better or worse wear resistance with the wider tires? I know that the harder the rubber compound is, the less they will wear, Does anyone have a recommendation on a hard rubber trailer tire?

    Also, would switching to a radial help my situation?

    I'm asking here just because any time I go into a tire shop and start talking about trailer tires I get looked at like I have 6 heads, and just end up with the same crappy tires that I have to replace 4 months later.

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    You need to go to a commercial tire place not your local car tire shop. I got some a few years back from a commercial dealer and have 4 years on them. Also determine why they wearing out so quick. Is trailer level? Is axle square? I have seen lots of people complain about tires wearing out to fast only to find the actual trailer is at fault not the tires.
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  3. jackal

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    Tandem axel trailers will always grind the back tires off because of the way they turn. Just watch the back tires when you turn around in a cul de sac. I have tried all different kinds of tires and none last more than a season. I buy the cheapest ones I can get and fill them with slime and run em till the're bald.

    I run michelin's on my truck and they last forever, I've tried them on the trailer and gone in no time.
  4. Colaguy

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  5. jackal

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    I bought 4 of those used and they are pretty good.
  6. TMAC669

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    Try radials instead of bias ply.
  7. knox gsl

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    Radial D range. I get 2 years of running out of them.
  8. Richard Martin

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    You should never put an automotive tire on a tandem axle trailer. Trailer tires are designed to withstand twisting forces that auto tires are not designed for.
  9. Patriot Services

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    And the DOT will write you up good if they are in nazi mode.
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  10. ed2hess

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    The tires that Carlisle puts out are trash less than one year..bias or radial......I got the best use out of some car tires . I am moving up to a 8Ply tire made by Hercules pn63959. These tires are handled by local mower shop and will run about $85. Gotta believe getting more plys will help.

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