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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by gamartin88, May 5, 2003.

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    Hey guys, I'm building a trailer for my work out of an old army trailer that I got a hold of....Everything's going great for it and I'm almost done but I have one serious problem....can't find replacement tires for the wheels on it. They are 18" rims and the tires are size 18x7.50. I was just wondering if any of ya'll knew where I could get some more tires in that size or possibly some 20" wheels with tires that could fit the 5 lug pattern that the axle has. I can't go smaller than 18" cause the hub is just smaller than the current 18" rim. Tires would be best but I've got to do whatever will work at this point....put too much time and $ into building this thing up.

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    Check with your local salvage yards, worked at one that always had army surplus tires. You might even check with your local tire shop they might be able to get you something that might work or point you in the right way. They may be able to get you a rim with that bolt pattern and tire to fit the new rim. Looks just like the rim on my old Chevy tanker but, I believe those are 18x8.50?
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    First chance you get,ditch those split rims!!!!!
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    I was reading along and thought the same thing when I first saw the pic. I had to get rid of them off my dump. If you get a flat, you have to either get a tow or replace or repair the tube right on the spot. I think the second choice is a little unrealistic.
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    I know what ya'll mean and eventually I'd like to change the rims out. But to do that I have 2 choices. I have to either move up to a 20" rim and tire because drums behind the current wheels are just smaller thant he 18" ones on there or more realistically I'm going to have to change the drums and the electric brakes on the trailer and everything.....which will be a huge pain in the ***. Anyways, I've got good connections to shops that can put the tires on those rims for me....aka school bus tire shop....but I just can't find the tires to go on there. I haven't tried a scrap yard yet but I do plan to try that. Thanks for the imput guys and if someone still happens to see this and know an online retailer or someone I could call anywhere to help me in this I'd owe you greatly.

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