Trailer tongue weight confusion

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by BRIAN GALLO, Mar 31, 2002.

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    Remo, you said "Trailers don't have a GVWR" in response to Shady Brook saying "With 2 walkbehinds alone, you may be over loading the trailer if it is rated at 2000lb gvw! "

    You were implying that Shady Brook was wrong or didn't know what he was talking about. I simply showed that Shady was correct. Trailers do have a GVWR.

    As far as driving anything up to 26,000 lbs with an ordinary license, that may not be correct. I didn't bother looking up Alabama's laws, but in many states, a vehicle with a GVWR of 10,000 to 26,000 does need a chauffeur's license if used for business. And even any F350 Super Duty pickups (even 2 wheel drive gas) with duals have a GVWR of 11,200 or higher.
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    The subject is consumer utility trailors. They do not have a gvwr, and the original post stated as much. You jump to the subject of heavy equiptment trailers, trying to prove a point. The point is, we were not talking about heavy equiptment. If you doubt what I say, just see if you can find a gvwr on a trailer such as what this subject is referring to. try to make yourself correct about cdl,s you add the stipulation that if you drive for a business you may need them. I simply said you could drive a truck (or other) vehicle as long as it is under 26,000 #. You are dead wrong about the 1 ton truck. As long as the vehicle is for your own use, and is under 26,000#, no cdl is required!!! It doesn't matter how many wheels the vehicle has. Motor homes do not require a cdl. Buses do not require a cdl. But if you add stipulations then in some instances they do.
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    lol......I just noticed you said skid steer instead of skidder. You actuall carry a bobcat on a 18,000# trailer?
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    Not bobcat, they are just toys for boys. New Holland LS190, now that's a skidsteer. And what the heck is a skidder??:confused: It weighs 7800 lbs, what should I put it on, an 8x16 "consumer" trailer?
    And where would I put the 2900 lb pallets of brick pavers?

    You must be reading between the lines, 'cause I don't see anywhere in the original post where TWR or PWR or GVWR is even mentioned. It simply says "rated at 2000#". How you know whether he was referring to TWR, PWR, GAW, GVW, or GVWR is beyond me.

    And take a look at this "consumer" utility trailer that comes in sizes from 5'x8' to 6 1/2'x12'. Is that a 2995# GVWR that I see?

    Big Tex

    You must have bought your trailer at WalMart.

    This is what you replied to Shady Brook with. Which is, in your words, dead wrong.
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    Well said. :D
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    Under the federal law it is that anything above 26,001 GCWR and or towing a unit with a GVWR of 10,000 or more must have a CDL.

    There is talk that I have heard that vehicles above 10,001 may have to have DOT numbers on them.

    Remo trailers do have a GVWR

    1. TONGUE WEIGHT (SHERLINE scale reading): _________________lb.
    2. TRAILER ONLY WEIGHT (Scale reading*): ____________________lb.
    (Line 1÷ Line 2) X 100 = % OF WEIGHT ON HITCH: _______________%

    EXAMPLE: Tongue Weight = 750 lb.
    Trailer Weight = 5550 lb
    750 ÷ 5550 = .1351 X 100 = 13.51%

    hope this helps

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    Simple and eloquent as always.

    Not like my paper towel and tranny fluid lubrication for the angle cylinders. LOL
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    CT18fireman, some day you'll have to email me a diagram or something showing the perforations and the correct method of folding the paper towels. :D

    "eloquent"?? wow, I think that's a compliment. :)

    "simple"?? um.... :D
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    gslam.......thx for the input. You are mostly correct. However the cutoff is 26,000#, not 26,001, and (trailer) 10,000, not 10,001.

    National licenses have been required since 1992 for commercial vehicle operations. This requirement is intended to reduce the number of truckers using multiple state licenses to conceal the overall total of their traffic violations. Both interstate and intrastate commercial drivers must obtain such licenses if they operate trucks with gross vehicle weight ratings of 26,001 or more pounds, if they transport 16 or more passengers, or if they transport hazardous materials requiring placarding.

    Drivers liscense classifications:
    Class A: Any vehicle or combination of vehicles except motorcycles and buses.
    Class B: Any single vehicle with Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,001 pounds or more, and any such vehicle towing vehicles not in excess of 10,000 pounds.
    Class C: Any single vehicle less than 26,001 pounds GVWR and must have endorsement H and/or P. May tow vehicles not in excess of 10,000 pounds.
    Class D: Any single vehicle less than 26,001 pounds GVWR; may tow vehicles not in excess of 10,000 pounds. Trucks towing trailers, semi-trailers, or farm trailers not over 16,000 pounds gross weight.

    Some special endorsements can be obtained, but none relating to weight. (hazardous materials ect.)

    As you can see , a person with class d ( common drivers liscense) CAN drive a truck up to 26,000#, and pull a trailer up to 10,000#.

    Shady Brook& DaveK.

    No I am not reading between the lines. Trailer capacity rating was mentioned, not trailer gvwr. That is where you are confused.

    Trailers under 10,000# can be pulled by anyone with a class D drivers liscense. There are no laws requiring a gvwr. Some manufacturers MAY choose to apply the gvwr, but it is not required. However , above 10,000# the gvwr IS required. DaveK, you have found a manufacturer that chooses to post gvwr, and assume that ALL trailers have a gvwr. These manfacturer,s below DO NOT post a gvwr, according to your logic, they MUST be in violation of the federal trailer laws.

    Trailer under 10,000#
    Trailers under 10,000#
    Trailers under 10,000#

    You are taking one manufacturer that does post a gvwr (although not a requirement), and suggesting that trailers under 10,000# must have a gvwr. You are taking things out of context. I am sure you are aware that just about anything can be proven on the internet. Look at the link below, and I can PROVE that your New Holland LS190 IS a bobcat.

    New Holland LS190 Bobcat

    A skidder is a LARGE piece of equiptment used by loggers to drag cut trees out of the woods.>

    "You must have bought your trailer at WalMart."

    I am the maintainance supervisor for a municapality. I have trailers ranging from trencher trailers with little 8" wheels, to a 59,000# lowboy, and several sizes in between. Some of my employees have cdl,s, and some don't. It is my responsibility to assign the right operater with the right equiptment.
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