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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mrs. H, May 1, 2008.

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    So, I don't usually go with David when he's buying trucks or equipment...because, I know only the basics of mechanics and it seems silly that he would inspect the entire vehicle and then base his buying or not buying on my opinion.

    Besides, he never listens to my opinion anyway, so why bother.

    Well, yesterday we all drove to Ozark in the truck to trade in his 7X18 ft trailer for a smaller, lighter trailer. (See, he had it custom built with higher sides. It's a double axle and really too heavy for the F150. Back when we got it he was hauling it with an F250.) So, he wants a single axle, 14ft length with the lower sides.

    And we talked to a guy who sounded like he knew a thing or two, and said definatly stay with the tubluar sides--which our big trailer has. Seems more sturdy to me, and I know David needs sturdy.

    Well, we hauled it down there, and it seems used custom trailers are slow moving right now, so they won't trade. But they had one exactly what David needs. We got someone to tell us what a fair asking price for ours would be...and he pointed us in the direction of another guy who might trade.

    I'm so glad I went.

    The guy wanted to trade David's 7X18 ft custom built, worth about $1300 for an $875 7X12 (without tubular sides) and David would still have to give him $200 cash.

    And David was going to do it. Then he fetched me and the boys from the truck to go see it. I said no way. It wasn't what we came for and we were going to get ripped off. I just said no and hearded the boys back to the truck.

    We were nearly home when David said to me. "I would have been so mad if I'd brought that trailer home."

    I teased him and asked him why he just didn't fess up and tell me Thanks and say he loved me! :rolleyes:

    So, now we are tentativly selling the big trailer to get the money to buy a smaller trailer....OR he's going to have the iron works possibly cut 4 feet off the back and remove an axle...but he's got to talk to them...and the sides will still be higher than normal.

    Anyway, I've never been more glad to ride for 4 hours to give my opinion than I was yesterday. :)

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