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Greetings, I purchased lawn bussinese in late part of last year with 60 accounts, a trailer, 2 scag riders and some junk echo wackers for a really good price. 95% of the accounts are in one trailer park and 80% are candians,ugg... I started mowing in last part of the summer months, none of them where back at there summer homes, so it was pretty hassel free, till fall came. The snowbrids are back in town, and then i started meeting and talking to the accounts that i just took over from the old guy. The first thing out of all there mouths was &quot; is the price going to up?&quot; and so..... i told them &quot;no&quot; i would cut them at the price they have been paying. In which all the accounts are on steep banks all running down to lake or cannels. So, at $15.00 bucks a cut there where getting a hell of a deal.Next was trimming palms, i told them i got 2 ladders, $15, $20, ladders, which was 16ft and a 32ft and all trimmings all hauled way too. thats when i learned about candain money vers. the american buck. &quot;It cost me $.40 per. dollar for me to live here&quot; ok, am think, &quot;well since am new to this guy and cutting his grass, well hell, i'll do it for $12 bucks&quot; Next thing i know, everyone wants there palms trimed at $12 bucks. thats when i find out when people talk alot in the park. So now i got poeple who have been cutting in the park before me {other bussiness} are telling these people that am ripping old people off and that am not a very nice person and so on and so forth. ok, now am pissed off, one account call me up one late night screaming his head off, saying that my mower is killing his nice turf grass. so i tell him i'll see you tomorrow, the guy said don't even bother, i don't want to see, i'll make sure that you'll never work in here again!! So another sleepless night thinking about a house a wife and 2 kids i got to support. 7am am knocking at his door, he says goo away look at my lawn as your walking to your truck. so i did fiquring that the guy was big time pissed at me. am looking at his lawn and it was dieing and very spottty, with small lines form spot to spot. I seen and done this for, its called roundup.So now am thinking as i look around as heads are in each in every window of trailers i can see, is looking at me. 1 week later lost 20 accounts and that whole block with the dead grass. 2 guys are charging $12 a lawn and is killing me, there retired and do it just for beer money at local water hole. am losing my my yearly accounts fast now, thaxs to a couple of old drunks, the heat is turning on now summer is here, snowbrids are back in there own country now{thank god!} 2 drunks are cutting lawns now and dosen't weeedwack anything or edge or blow roads off. amazing, there cutting 1 a month and charging people for 4 cuts per. month.So, now i only have about 25 good customers in there now, which is good for me, thats about all i can take of that park. i got 70 accounts now thinking about going to try some banks, or resturants not sure how to that works, for contracts and stuff,not sure when the time for bidding starts for that kind of accounts?<br>Well, now am NOT taking on any more candians or trailertash now. I just wanted tell you all that, because, i learned the hard way, about candian's and other busssiness that seem to take there pissing grounds on personal basis's.<br>More stories to come. <br><p><font size="1">Edited by: stick

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HMMMMMMM?!!<p>I think there is something to this, Do they water the roundup after they spray it on? Spoting is NOT caused by the mower. Anyway you should get paid better than that. Let the drunks have it.<p>As for bidding commercial just go in and ask about it. They will tell you if they are interested or if they have a cetain time the year to bid.<p><br>Good Luck,<p>Adam:)<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: CA Enterprises


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Sounds like you're better off without this<br>job.Over here people who live in caravans<br>(trailers) are considered to be vermin.I<br>can't see it being too different in the US.<br>Hence the US phrase &quot;trailer park trash).<p>Karl<br>


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Stick<br> I have about 35 accounts in 2 resort campgrounds and there all seasonal snowbirds. There is alot of headachs there but there is money to be made there. It sounds like your prices are the same as mine for trailer parks. But i'm starting to get $20.00 to 25.00 with banks that go to the water. they only take about 20 min. cut, trimmed and blowwen off. <br> well hang in there and do the best job you can and the word of mouth will get around..<br><p>----------<br>Jason<br>Jason's Lawn Service


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Up north when you mow a trailer park you do the whole park, usually only a driveway and 3 foot grass strip between trailers. And usually its the old man caretaker mowing with his crapsman rider.<p>Bill


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I set my minimum price high enough, that most people living in trailers cannot afford.<br>Your better off without them as customers. Since your doing them to cheap IMO and getting complaints that are not warrented. It's not worth the trouble. When I first started in business, I was to cheap and had customers who would walk all over me and get a lot for nothing. Not anymore, I fire them, and on to the next higher paying more appriciative people. BTW are the drunks paying their taxes, insurance, etc? If not you can put them out of business in a hurry.


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Stick, <br>The dead grass almost sounds like a sabotage event? Do you think someone killed this grass on purpose? Why did the previous owner sell? Canadians are good people, maybe the heat affected them, eh. The trailer park would be nice due to the one stop/unload luxury. <p>The Bull market will return!

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