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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CHRIS92789, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. CHRIS92789

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    Well I'm in the process of rebuilding my trailer. So i took the old wheels of yesterday and tried to find the tires around me today. p175/80b13. They were impossible to find near me without special ordering them... what a way to start off re-doing the trailer. Hopefully tomorrow goes better and i can get the frame painted and some decking put on. Do you guys have any suggestions for a paint for my trailer, color and type?

  2. Jason Rose

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    13" rims? What kind of axle is it, do you know the load limit on the axle? (3500 lb?) Find out what the bolt pattern is, assuming it's a 5 bolt hub, and just get new wheels and tires. The size you stated sounds like a 'donut' used for spare tires in many cars. Not something I'd want to rely on every day... Search on google, you can find the info on how to measure your bolt pattern so you can find the proper wheels.

    For paint... I know you are in Florida, but is there a Tractor Supply near you? They have pretty good paint for trailers/equipment. For the color, I'd suggest matching your truck you use to pull the trailer. Don't try to rattle-can it.
  3. Lakewlc

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    im re-doing a trailer myself and i needed a new rim.. had to special order it
  4. CHRIS92789

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    Yeah thank you the tires are actually trailer tires. the trailer is 12 by almost 6.5 feet wide. The tires have been on there forever so i called a company dealing with trailers near me they set me up with some nice stuff they still had to special order it.

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