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Trailer Vacuum

Does anyone here have a leaf vac that you pull behind the truck on a small trailer?(Giant-Vac). I have a 20hp Giant vac leaf vac and im trying to figure out the best way to have the hose go from the discharge to the truck. Im afraid of it pulling out when im driving, or twisting on turns. Does anlyone else have this problem? Solutions? Please let me know, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Attleborough, MA

What Kind Of Leaf Vac Do You Have, A Trailer To Pull Behind Your Truck?? And Also, Do You Have A Leaf Box Built On The Back Of That Truck? If So Just Run A Piece Of Hose From The End Of The Discharge Chute Into The Hole At The Top Of The Leaf Box. Make It So It Can Be Easily And Quickly Removed For When You Travel From Site To Site.


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Newport RI
I just bought a 20 horse leave loader. I'm going to try and fabricate something to mount onto my front plow mount. This way I can take it off or put it on in one minute just like my plow. I can pull the trailer with no space taken up. Everything can go to the job with one truck.

This all sounds good in theory but who knows if its going to work.