Trailer Vs a Walk behind

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rescuedlawn, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Banksy

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    This is my WB on the day I bought it. No more bungee cords on it, lol. 48" Bobcat with 14 hp Kohler. I bought from a friend for a mere $100. Put a couple new belts on it and it performs flawlessly. The deals are out there if you are frugal and determined.

  2. TTS

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    The best mower and the best size depends greatly on the type and size of properties you service but based on your description I would think a 48" hydro walk behind with a sulky. It will be cheaper than a rider, more efficient than pushing on small properties and more efficient than your current tractor on larger properties.
  3. Banksy

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    I get why a lot of guys use lawn tractors for landscaping, but they couldn't look less professional. Great for homeowners and to take to the in-laws house, however. A beat up (but fully working) looking walk behind looks better to pull off the trailer than a tractor, IMO.
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    That was my thinking but I had to use what I had to start with. In just one month I made enough and bought a 50 inch Gravely Hydro Pro electric start with 1100 hrs and it works great and looks good too. It came with a bag unit and a sulky with flat free tires in front. Paid $1120. I think its a little high but it was close to me and it runs flawless. Now I need more contracts so I can buy a trailer.
  5. Banksy

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    Atta' boy. Nice upgrade!

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