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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by whiteclifflawn, May 24, 2005.

  1. whiteclifflawn

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    I am looking to get a new crew cab isuzu npr diesel, But I have heard some things I don't like. such as 16 mpg enpty, that sucks, 05 f350 diesel gets 16mpg loaded and has double the HP. I don't like the turning circle, it will flat burn any 3/4 or 1 ton truck up. just didn't know if any of you guys had one of the crew cabs, and what was the mpg, pros vs cons over a new crew cab pickup.
  2. Itsgottobegreen

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    One of my buddy's have two GMC cab over box trucks. He swears by them. I would love to have one. Less insurance and turns tighter in those little tiny streets. Its basically a enclosed trailer on top of a truck. Only down side is all you can do is cut grass with it. Can't haul dirt or mulch.
  3. BMFD92

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    I also would love a cab over and they look like they go for some good prices my only concern would be when the truck breaks down. I would have to keep the pickup truck and trailer handy.
  4. hosejockey2002

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    The Isuzu or other cabovers are city trucks. They top out around 70 mph or so, and they don't exactly have blistering acceleration. If you are a big fat guy,(nothing wrong with that) you may find it difficult to climb in and get comfortable. An F350 is built to cruise comfortably down the freeway at 75+mph fully loaded without breaking a sweat, and empty will embarrass a rice rocket in a stoplight to stoplight drag race.
    The cabovers totally blow away the conventionals as far as maneuverability is concerned. For the same cab-to-axle measurement (that's the measurement that determines how long of a body you can put on the truck), the cabover's turning diameter is some 20+ feet shorter in a cabover.
    Mileage? I may get flamed here, but anyone who claims to get 16 mpg in a fully loaded F350 diesel in city driving is either smoking dope, bad at math or just lying. In the city, I'd expect 15 mpg empty, 12-13 loaded. Highway driving is different, but we don't do much of that in this business, at least I don't.
    The cabovers are built from the ground up as commercial vehicles, with utility in mind. The diesels have standard exhaust brakes and other features seen on larger trucks. An F350 is a pickup, built more with the consumer in mind. Quieter, more comfortable, with dual airbags and other safety features. Much safer in a head on crash than a cabover.
    You just have to decide for yourself which vehicle works based on your needs. If you need a truck that you can drive as your personal vehicle, tow the boat out to the lake at 80 mph on weekends and look good doing it, the F350 is probably the right truck. If you want a utilitarian city truck with great maneuverability and reliability than maybe the cabover is the right truck.
  5. whiteclifflawn

    whiteclifflawn LawnSite Member
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    The one I was looking at had a open 16-18ft flat bed with a dove tail and front boxes and under body boxes in front of the wheels and behind.I mean it looks awsome, and I think it would work even better. All what I need on a single truck with out a trailer. but like you said, keep it running, or have a back up trailer and truck.
  6. lawn king

    lawn king LawnSite Silver Member
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    We built an izuzu npr hd diesel dump in 2003, best truck we ever owned. It has the knapeheide landscape body with toolpack and personal compartment,9 foot snoway plow,xm radio and jake brake. We may service ( fertilize) 600,000 sq. ft. monday and tuesday, haul mulch wendsday, haul granite stairs thursday and pull the bobcat friday! This truck really doe's it all! Was it cheap? no $40000. Was it worth it? very much so! Tilting the cab to service the engine is great, 18 mpg,turns tighter than a ford mustang, roof vent is two way, plenty of room for 3 people in the cab, 4000 lbs of sand in the body and she will plow through any snowstorm! This truck is working in it's 3rd season and it still impresses me every day, I have a buddy that runs a towing company he hates cabovers because they never break down, how often do you see a cabover on a towtruck?
  7. mosmgras

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    from NC
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    I just got a '99 NPR and I think it's the greatest thing ever. I'm in the process of adding a dovetail and ramp. Turning radius is super tight. Acceleration... well, I mow grass for a living. If I wanted acceleration I might try a 'vette. Seriously, if you are on the edge of whether or not to invest, my advise is to go for it. One of the best purchases I've made.
  8. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

    Five Star Lawn Care LLC LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i hear ya on that one...ive been on the edge for about 4 years and i think im going to get one by the end of next week.....i still do need the 4x4 truck b/c of snow but it simplefys so much with lawn care....and i will also be able to run my sidewalk crew from it in the winter
  9. lawn king

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    We had a big time winter her'e 2004. The npr plowed great. Check out snoway plow systems for cabovers. you don't need 4 WD to plow if you know what you're doing!
  10. rvestal

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    Think about this next time you are looking for a truck. Alot of states are passing laws that if your trailer and truck are over 26,000 CGVWR that your driver is required to have a CDL. With a cab over truck you don't have to worry about that. You also have less insurance cost, less tires on the road, and you have are tight on space you can get an enclosed body and just park it and lock it. And for those guys out there who think you can only mow with them, man are you wrong. I have been selling trucks to the landscape industry for about 3 years now. You can put dumps on them you can pull trailers if need be you can do anything with it you can do with your Ford, which I sell buy the way.. You should check out that new cab-over buy Ford it's NICE! Also yeah a cab-over can't do the speed of your F-350, but do you want you crew driving down the high way at 90mph and maybe wrecking your truck. YOu can also push snow with a cab-over, You can put a speader on them and a plow you don't need a 4x4 to push snow. If you are pushing it right there won't be any snow on you back tires. Also the cost may be a little higher to get into a cab over. But if you take care of the bed and paint it once in a while when it comes time to buy the next truck you just take the bed off and transfer it. You can transfer a bed for about $500 to $900 bucks. Depending on your bed! If you want a truck,, find me.

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